September 23rd, 2022
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Dark Brown for Winter

I’m heading up to Boston to see my girls and it’s going to be… gasp… in the 40s tonight— crimey. Granted, yesterday was the autumn equinox, but still. Last winter I started to ski, again, and bought new gear — all black, sadly. Brown looks so chic and NET-A-PORTER has the best pieces.

Clockwise from top left: Fendi reversible hooded down ski parka, Shoreditch Ski Club parka, Khaite cable-knit cashmere  sweater, Khaite suede ankle boots, Fendi Stirrup ski pants, Bottega Veneta Cable-knit wool jacket.

  • Living in Sweden means my wardrobe is very winter compatible…in the end it always returna back to black. Brown is chic, but black is black so don’t be sad. Happy travels!

    ChinaSeptember 23rd, 2022  10:19 AM

  • Nice to see brown making a comeback. Not that I would ever give up my brown leather blazer or cognac boots but black is forever. So don’t feel regret.

    SLFSeptember 23rd, 2022  10:49 AM

  • Mix in some brown. Black and brown is a great combo, as good as navy and black in my opinion.

    KathySeptember 23rd, 2022  1:45 PM

  • I always appreciate your posts on chic solutions for enduring the everyday drudgery of NYC winter! I’m still looking for the magic boot that will help me walk across Central Park on a cold day but still look right when attending one of those weekday morning rehearsals at NY PHIL. A black riding boot seems fresh again but getting the shape and sole right is something I’m agonizing over.

    SwanSeptember 23rd, 2022  2:02 PM

  • I’ve lived in a cold winter climate all my life, and I’m still trying to crack the code. Like Swan, I’m desperate for a boot that works for visiting stylish cities – one that offers reasonable warmth and some cushion for concrete, brick, and cobblestone streets. I love the boot above, but couldn’t wear the heel for long.

    PaulaSeptember 23rd, 2022  5:43 PM

  • I have to defer to the Canadians on this one. I’ve had amazing luck with chic, comfortable, warm, waterproof and durable boots from Rudsak and Artica. La Canadienne also makes beautiful weatherproof boots.

    LauraSeptember 23rd, 2022  8:20 PM

  • Chocolate brown is one of my favorite fall,colors. It goes in and out of style but regardless, I wear it when the weather is cold. I love brown and black together – the Fendi canvas is a classic example of the combo that I have always loved. I usually wear leather soled boots but when it is snowy, I only wear boots with Vibram soles and when icy I add the cleats that attach to the soles. I have a collection of winter boots that are shearling lined or that have a thick wool felt liner. Barney’s used to have the best winter boots but alas, they are no more!

    RebeccaSeptember 23rd, 2022  10:43 PM

  • Ordered the Shoreditch jacket……now I just need ski pants…….agree with the comment above about suggestions for magic boots!

    Anne DickSeptember 24th, 2022  9:20 AM

  • Swan and Paula if either of you find an option I’m desperate to know. Living in Canada I have lots of serviceable boots and have two pair of Grensons that are cool but also very casual. Going to England in November and need walkable chic so that we can go to dinner without needing to go back to hotel every time. Is that a thing? Thanks Laura, I’ll check Rudsak.

    SueMSeptember 24th, 2022  12:42 PM

  • For years for me it was Suede Tod’s shearling lace-up flat boots, casually elegant, going with jeans, dress, coat or a down jacket, very warm and extremely comfortable. Unfortunately Tod’s discontinued them a couple of years ago, my last pair will retire after upcoming season. I will test a leather bespoke boots this winter, not that universal but comfy and very warm.

    Rue des GirofleesSeptember 24th, 2022  6:16 PM

  • Swan and Paula, as a tropical transplant to Canada I have been on a lifelong quest to find elegant boots that keep me warm and safe from the dreaded black ice while walking in the city. Two brands I recommend are La Canadienne and Anfibio, both from Montreal. I especially love the latter because they make stylish boots with crampons built into the soles.

    The TropicalistSeptember 26th, 2022  11:13 PM


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