September 28th, 2022
Paris Collections

Mac Attack at The Row

I love a good balmacaan, often better for running around than a trench. The one above, from The Row’s summer collection shown this morning in Paris, is gorgeous. And, the socks are still quite chic.

  • I far prefer a macintosh because of its uncluttered simplicity. Mine is possibly 20 years old and still the best, most polished travel coat I have. It’s a wonderful shade taupe, the collar closes at the neck (as above), and very ‘Italian men’s tailoring’ buttons. If I ever let go of the coat, I will take those buttons off first. 🙂 Just dropped it off at the cleaners yesterday! Thank you for this timeless post.

    PaulaSeptember 28th, 2022  11:18 PM

  • I’ve been hunting for a good balmacaan for years and finally gave up. I hope it’s coming back in popularity?

    SLFSeptember 29th, 2022  8:55 AM

  • I cannot get enough of this collection. I’ve been watching (and rewatching) footage since it was shown yesterday. So good! Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineSeptember 29th, 2022  10:10 AM

  • It is a balmacaan, thx SLF.

    PrestonSeptember 29th, 2022  10:23 AM

  • Mine is a balmacaan – I just thought the terms were interchangeable. What is a macintosh?

    PaulaSeptember 29th, 2022  11:52 AM

  • According to my search results, mackintosh is the rubberized fabric that is waterproof. I thought they were interchangeable, too. But, ‘mac’ is also short for balmacaan, so I can leave the title. Phew…

    PrestonSeptember 29th, 2022  12:34 PM

  • The shoes and that long maxi skirt caught my eye immediately. Love!

    TracySeptember 29th, 2022  2:51 PM


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