January 4th, 2023
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The Prettiest Gift

The prettiest gift I received over the holidays was this set of  scalloped paper trays by Willow Crossley, a floral designer based in the Cotswolds. I have them on the coffee table as catchalls. Thank you , SK, you know me well.

  • I love a well thought out easy gift. How lovely they are. Recently I have become obsessed with trays to hold odds & ends and add personality to consoles, side tables and ottomans. Tortoise, acrylic and jute are my go to materials but will broaden my range after seeing these. Thank you for sharing. Bullseye!

    Amy Thorne RichardsonJanuary 4th, 2023  5:16 PM

  • Happy New Year Preston! I just read your most recent post & had a chuckle! I gave several of Willow’s lovely trays as Christmas gifts but kept 1 for myself 😉 A perfect catchall as you said! Have a wonderful time in Paris Xo♥️

    DinaJanuary 5th, 2023  5:53 AM

  • Willow Crossley is one of my favorite follows on Instagram – her reels are so soothing – she’s got such a great unpretentious, relaxed and positive vibe.

    GeorgieJanuary 5th, 2023  8:40 AM


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