January 27th, 2023
Officine Générale Men's FW23

Layering Masterclass

These Officine Générale women’s looks, from the recent men’s FW23 show, are a masterclass on layering. The grey with brown accessories is an all-time favored combo.

  • So good. The French just get it!

    disneyrollergirlJanuary 27th, 2023  5:08 PM

  • I didn’t know of Officine Générale until last year when I stumbled into the shop in NYC. I love their feminine/masculine vibe and crisp tailoring. Great layering!

    karenJanuary 27th, 2023  5:10 PM

  • Thanks Preston. I am so ready for more looks like these. At age sixty-six I’m inspired by brands like this and by Amy Smilovic over at Tibi.

    Sue BurpeeJanuary 27th, 2023  5:15 PM

  • Love, love, love

    KimJanuary 27th, 2023  6:06 PM

  • I agree with Sue. Very inspiring. I love the brown scarf with the grey suit in the first photo.

    SharonJanuary 27th, 2023  9:10 PM

  • Beautiful

    RaJanuary 27th, 2023  9:21 PM

  • Looks are intriguing, but can’t stop thinking about how much the bottom left model looks like CBK.

    BllJanuary 27th, 2023  11:12 PM

  • Casual elegance perfection!

    LeeJanuary 29th, 2023  8:43 PM

  • It’s nice to see how these Officine Générale looks come together. This post also makes me realize why I sometimes like wearing men’s knits, depending on how they drape. Men’s tops are longer. I don’t generally prefer cropped tops, although I can appreciate a well-done crop on someone else, and women’s tops have recently crept up up up.

    RMJanuary 30th, 2023  9:07 AM

  • Not sure how I missed this, must be the renovation/interiors rabbit hole I am in. Love this brand and everything I have. Spare, elegant but always a soupçon of cool without being obvious. Need to dig out my brown bag.

    SueMJanuary 30th, 2023  10:12 AM

  • Like Karen, I also stumbled upon Officine while traveling last year and found a beautiful blue tuxedo shirt from them at Le Bon Marché. So beautifully made, and in an unusual longer length. I was told they’ll be making them in white for the spring. Your post reminded me of that happy find, and to give them another look for their suits!

    GeorgieJanuary 30th, 2023  4:37 PM


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