May 2nd, 2023
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Linda Wright: A Shrunken Denim Jacket

In a moment of pure synchronicity, my sister was telling me that she saw lots of women wearing shrunken denim jackets in Provence last week when, seconds later, Linda Wright posted on herself wearing one in St. Tropez. Linda got hers at @battagliasttropez. I am now on the hunt for, as Linda says, a “slightly too small” denim jacket. Suggestions welcome.

  • Denim jackets are the one thing I have had success buying on The Real Real.

    SusanMay 2nd, 2023  9:05 AM

  • This season I purchased a wide sleeve, cropped denim jacket from Mango. I’m loving it with everything from jeans to my long dresses.

    karenMay 2nd, 2023  9:13 AM

  • I love following Linda Wright-she is my “style guru!” How lucky you ran into her

    Meghan QuinnMay 2nd, 2023  9:23 AM

  • Is it me, or is Linda giving cooler, modern-day C Z Guest vibes here…?!

    disneyrollergirlMay 2nd, 2023  10:00 AM

  • I bought a shrunken denim jacket last winter from @superstitchparis ~ Linda was wearing one and she gave me the info. It’s a men’s small. Their website is undergoing some updating, but their IG works (I ordered through IG anyway) – It’s really beautifully made.

    KathyMay 2nd, 2023  11:09 AM

  • I like Ralph Lauren POLO, I have one I have kept and worn for years when I don’t want to do the oversize thing,
    I also have a rag and bone.

    Jean O'KornMay 2nd, 2023  11:33 AM

  • It’s not shrunken but the Dior Caro denim jacket is probably my most worn purchase ever. Looks amazing with anything from a dress to white jeans. They always have them on the real real and other resale sites.

    LaurenMay 2nd, 2023  12:01 PM

  • The AG Robyn denim jacket is like that. I have also eyed some slim and possibly cropped ones by LAgence.

    DebbieMay 2nd, 2023  1:15 PM

  • Yes! AG Denim is great for a jean jacket!

    RheaMay 2nd, 2023  1:57 PM

  • I’d like to give Anine Bing Rory jacket a try… it’s oversized though… but looks good!

    Stella JonesMay 2nd, 2023  2:32 PM

  • I definitely see CZ! It’s her hair, low glam, sporty but pulled together way of dressing. If I were looking for something slightly shrunken and didn’t want to invest a lot, I would try the boy’s department at Ralph. Ive always admired his vast talent, but now more than ever I have a renewed appreciation for Mr. Lauren’s contribution to the fashion industry, especially after seeing the sights from the Met Gala.

    PaulaMay 2nd, 2023  3:48 PM

  • I have one from Retrofete that I adore.

    MonicaMay 2nd, 2023  6:16 PM

  • Embarrassed to say, Ive had one in my closet for years that now fits me like a “shrunken”jean jacket…it didn’t shrink, I just got a wee bit bigger. lol

    MGMay 2nd, 2023  6:58 PM

  • I “borrowed” a denim jacket (Lee jeans) leftover from when my daughter was young. It’s child sized and fits snugly on me.

    SLFMay 3rd, 2023  2:31 AM

  • I just ordered two L’Agence Janelle raw cut denim jackets, a biscuit color and a crisp white. I couldn’t decide which color I liked better, so I kept both. They are comfortable with a small amount of stretch and there are many colors from which to choose. It’s a denim jacket that gives you shape, rather than takes it away!

    PatriciaMay 3rd, 2023  7:38 AM

  • I’m with MG. I read this and instantly thought of one I have, a Bean Signature line from some years ago. I stopped wearing it because I prefer the oversized look, But, I may rethink the fit, as it might be just right for the “shrunken” look. Don’t over purge!

    AprilMay 3rd, 2023  3:30 PM

  • Khaite do an amazing one this season, supper cropped and shrunken, saint laurent, loewe

    CarlyMay 6th, 2023  3:27 AM


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