May 4th, 2023
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Fun Fashion

I love minimalism as much as the next ’90s fashion magazine alum, but I try to avoid a head-to-toe minimalist look — a fun accessory keeps it all from bordering on boring.

Tod’s bag, Manolo Blahnik pumps.

  • Love both the Todd’s Bag and the Manolo shoes but when I think of “fun” fashion, I want it to be disposable.

    LisaMay 4th, 2023  9:22 AM

  • I try to not buy disposable fashion, my goal is to wear things forever. I would wear those Manolos until the end of time.

    PrestonMay 4th, 2023  9:26 AM

  • Coveting that bag and pumps – So fun!

    KaraMay 4th, 2023  9:35 AM

  • Bag and shoes are both very good looking.
    Not my colors – no matter.

    But, if I found each in colors that both work for me and I love
    and were in the market for such accessories, I would consider buying one or both of them.

    And, I would make sure the said accessories would not only give that pop of color/interest to a minimalist look,
    but would also work with other items in my closet.

    I like nice clothes – read – usually expensive – so I’m demanding that what I buy be a versatile workhorse for me
    for as long as possible.

    That’s my philosophy on clothes – it works for me.

    And b.t.w., my husband who I humorously refer to as my “accountant” (my sobriquet for him), approves of my philosophy –
    whether it’s his money or mine.

    So, all in all, that puts me in Preston’s court.

    I rest my case. : )

    JaniceMay 4th, 2023  11:59 AM

  • I loved the ‘plain’ version of that bag. My ‘fun’ items tend to be tops.

    MMSMay 4th, 2023  3:36 PM

  • Love them both, especially the shape of the bag.

    SherryMay 4th, 2023  5:34 PM


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