May 10th, 2023
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Transitional Dressing Nailed

This morning I went with friends to see Thirty Are Better Than One, an exhibition of over 100 artworks by Andy Warhol at the Brant Foundation — it opened today. As I was following these two, I realized that they’ve  nailed transitional dressing. You can’t go wrong with a blazer, jeans, and flats — truly a fail-safe combo. This outfit lets the accessories define the wearer’s personal style.

  • They both look very polished. Great hair cuts too!

    SherryMay 10th, 2023  6:26 PM

  • Yes, ma’am! Always looks good.

    SusanMay 10th, 2023  6:37 PM

  • This is truly my uniform most days. Maybe the colour of the blazer or shoes change but it’s so easy and I love it!
    For a split second I thought one of them was you lol.

    SueMMay 10th, 2023  6:55 PM

  • They look great and looks like a beautiful day! How was the exhibit & Il Buco? Our dinner there Friday was FABULOUS! A new favorite!

    MaryBMay 10th, 2023  7:37 PM

  • MaryB- great show and fantastic lunch. Have not been to Il Buco in ages and it was even better than I remember!

    PrestonMay 10th, 2023  8:31 PM

  • Flawless. And achievable ? As a naturally curly hair person I always first notice the hair and how much it makes the outfit look so polished.! I do not think one can achieve this polished look without the sleek hair ? I am middle aged now but have always wanted to achieve such a polished look . with very curly hair I would love to learn, if anyone has any tips they are appreciated. Thank you!

    GraceMay 10th, 2023  10:28 PM

  • AKA winter dressing in So CAL!

    BarbaraMay 10th, 2023  10:42 PM

  • Chic, indeed! This street-style could have been the template for what The WSJ referred to this past weekend as ‘un-shouty chic.’ Three cheers for ‘the non-outrageous’ and a new era of ‘stunningly subtle, expertly cut’ looks. I’ve long thought fashion needed a reset, and if we are to believe this Style & Fashion article, it’s happening. But not fast enough ~ at an event last weekend, with guests from everywhere, there were plenty of unfortunate mini-skirts, feathers, and what this same article described as ‘boisterously branded bags.’ The lovely ladies in this photo deserve credit for ‘no branding, no logo, just the cut of the jacket and the jean.’ Add the cut of the hair, and it’s a very chic day!

    PaulaMay 10th, 2023  10:52 PM

  • Now I know what I’m wearing to dinner in Brooklyn tonight!

    CarolineMay 10th, 2023  11:02 PM

  • I might also add: a blunt cut is always a win.

    CourtneyMay 11th, 2023  5:30 AM

  • Who said you can’t look polished with curly hair. Straight hair isn’t necessarily the sign of a polished look. Many elements make the look.

    RonicaMay 11th, 2023  6:30 AM

  • If I could pop back on here and heartily agree with Ronica in answer to Grace. I am 65 with shoulder length corkscrew curly blonde hair. If you’re looking for curly grooming tips I’d say you can’t go wrong with Oribe products and my GHD diffuser dryer is fantastic. Chic is also a state of mind so loving your hair is owning your style and confidence makes you polished. A uniform like this means you think about your appearance in the morning, walk out the door and for the rest of the day think about everything else but.

    SueMMay 11th, 2023  7:50 AM

  • Well said

    PrestonMay 11th, 2023  8:11 AM

  • The first thing that I noticed about this pic is how well everything fits. The blazers are tailored and the jeans are proportioned correctly. Preston, it reminded me of how you’re always taking things to be altered. Clothes that fit well are everything.

    KimMay 11th, 2023  8:12 AM

  • It is refined and flawless. But… there’s no ‘personal’ in the personal style is there? Too much good taste?!

    SundaeMay 11th, 2023  12:40 PM

  • With hair, its all about the cut, in my opinion. A cut that suits your face and hair type always looks good. It can take a bit of experimenting, but its a fun adventure.

    AprilMay 11th, 2023  4:05 PM

  • May I jump back in to second the motion with Ronica and SueM regarding curly/wavy hair – agree it is every bit as polished as smoother looks. The cut and silhouette are most important no matter what texture hair. Curly hair seems much easier to travel with and has a certain feminine insouciance!

    PaulaMay 11th, 2023  4:29 PM

  • I would also like to respond to Grace re curly hair. Mine is also curly and wavy and I’ve never been able to achieve smooth polished hair either. I do have a cut though that takes advantage of the curls and wave. The cut is the important thing. If you live in NYC, there are many stylists who are specially trained regarding curls. And although I live in Dallas where straight hair reigns, I get many compliments. I agree with the other ladies’ responses, it is about your overall appearance and demeanor. I’ll bet yours is lovely.

    SherryMay 11th, 2023  5:56 PM

  • Agree with comments re curly hair. Volume and some life take years off the face. Also agree with having a sort of uniform daily but with some tweaks to individualize your look. These women are twins . Lovely yes but a room full of the same outfits is a bore.

    Patricia E. WilsonMay 12th, 2023  7:25 AM

  • My favorite kind of uniform!
    Chic, polished, understated casual attire.
    No fuss, no muss – put it on, walk out the door and get on with your day – agree with SueM.
    Great look for city or country.

    My uniform “recipe:” jeans + cashmere sweater + cashmere cardigan + good pair of loafers, simple studs or hoops , watch, and a platinum 7 band rolling ring.
    All topped off with my favorite tote – a medium sized Goyard (the only acceptable logo item) in neutral light grey for cool weather.
    (Have one in blue for warm weather.)

    Agree about good tailoring – very important to a polished look.
    Also “uniform” can be varied by switching out sweaters or shirts and accessories.

    As I have straight hair, I especially love the blunt cut on the woman on the left.
    However, if I had curly hair as some of the ladies do who posted comments, I would embrace the curly hair – no reason not to!

    JaniceMay 13th, 2023  5:53 PM

  • Thank you all so very much to the lovely readers who shared these wonderful thoughts on how to look polished with curly hair! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! I will take these tips and advice to heart and pass it on to my two Curly haired daughters ! Thank you, you are all wonderfully kind!
    Xoxo 🙂

    GraceMay 14th, 2023  1:51 AM


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