June 10th, 2023

Dr. Jart+ To The Rescue!

At a very fun lunch last week, a friend shared that Dr. Jart+ Cicapair products are her skincare heroes. Years ago I bought the Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment and the jar has been sitting at the back of a shelf ever since. I brought it out, tried it, and promptly bought a replacement plus the Re.pair Serum and Re.pair Cream, as well. Along with the Agustinus Bader Rich Cream, which I started using again after all the comments on a recent post, my skin looks remarkably better — less dry and red. Thanks, KB!

  • Yay! So happy you tried it!

    KateJune 10th, 2023  8:05 AM

  • Thank you Preston , immediately after reading this I bought the Dr Jart +Cicapair products and can’t wait to try them . Redness be gone !
    I also love my Augustinus Bader Rich cream ( though wish they would use less plastic in their packaging .)

    Brooke GarberJune 10th, 2023  8:36 AM

  • Just curious. Do you put the AB cream on first and then other products? I too dislike the packaging. It seems like such a huge waste but LOVE the product,

    DebJune 10th, 2023  9:26 AM

  • So glad it helped you! Love this stuff, I have it for those times when something is a little too active for my rosacea to handle. Even used it recently around my mouth after I ate some very good bruschetta (sometimes too many tomatoes and sharp crusts together) so had redness and it healed it right up.
    Have a question for you and our community if I may: with my rosacea it’s a constant balancing act with skincare and I’m loathe to use a moisturizer that’s too rich because I can’t use BHA and AHA’s as often as I’d like to resurface. You don’t find the Augustinus B too rich? That’s been holding me back even though I’ve heard good things about it. Thanks!

    SueMJune 10th, 2023  10:14 AM

  • I use the Rich Cream on the areas without rosacea- forehead, sides, jawline.

    PrestonJune 10th, 2023  10:31 AM

  • Excellent, thank you. I’m not sure I knew you were a fellow sufferer, it’s a pain for sure but it’s made me discerning about skin care and that’s a good thing. Have a great weekend.

    SueMJune 10th, 2023  11:21 AM

  • I’m wondering if the NY water has been treated with different additives or different ratios of same additives. For the past 4 months or so, it feels like the water is making hair, skin so dry and wrecking manicures.

    SwanJune 10th, 2023  5:20 PM

  • I had never heard of this product line and am curious to look into it! I don’t experience rosacea, but have used AB Rich Cream for quite awhile. I absolutely love it and generally use it (after serum) at night, alternating with Tammy Fender’s Rose Cream. I love the pretty blue packaging and don’t object to the small amount of cellophane wrap. It could actually contribute to the overall quality and shelf life of the cream.

    PaulaJune 11th, 2023  1:33 AM

  • I am lucky enough not to have rosacea, but I do get a bit red at times…might look at these products to possible add one in. I alternate AB Rich Cream with Rhode products in the mornings…at night I have several Beautypie serums that I use, layering them under Oak Essentials balm. I use everything sparingly, but these products seem to keep my 72 year old skin in shape!

    SharonJune 11th, 2023  8:19 AM

  • We were at my sons boarding school graduation last weekend and mid ceremony a very well dressed man got up (there was a lot of coming & going, so it wasn’t noticeable) and then came back with a Dr. Jart shopping bag. So random and I couldn’t’ figure out why or what was in the bag that was so desperately needed!

    LauraJune 12th, 2023  10:34 AM

  • For redness try SkinBetter Mystro. Impressive results.

    Elizabeth VelasquezJune 16th, 2023  4:51 PM

  • Just snuck back in to say that Augustinus Bader uses a minimum of plastic in their packaging…at least in the products I use and have re-purchased several times (Rich Cream, Cleansing Gel and Lip Balm). The main materials are glass and metal…

    SharonJuly 6th, 2023  9:02 AM

  • Ooops…I was wrong! My new Rich Cream IS plastic! My bad!

    SharonJuly 6th, 2023  9:24 AM


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