June 14th, 2023
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Louis Vuitton’s new perfume, Pacific Chill, has many of the fragrance notes I love. Lauren Santo Domingo, Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Moda Operandi, has been appointed Artistic Director of the Tiffany Home collection. I love her taste and I’m excited to see what she comes up with. These bone china coffee cups are fun. A book about a rare bookseller titled Once Upon a Tome is right up my alley. I had a style reset moment last week when I spied an incredibly chic woman in green Adidas Sambas. I’m desperately trying to move beyond my neutrals-only style sensibility. Friday we are seeing Asteroid City — can’t wait!

  • My son’s girlfriend has a grace Kelly sensibility and style but combines it with orange adidas sambas – such a knock-out.! I’m thinking about the green. Love the blog

    margaretJune 14th, 2023  4:45 PM

  • Sneakers are the perfect wardrobe item to have a little fun with! There are some items I would never buy in green (gloves for instance), but a sporty shoe, especially in in suede, looks like a winner! Last weekend I saw an excellent doc film that KIC-ers might like, Close to Vermeer. I give it five stars.

    PaulaJune 15th, 2023  12:52 AM

  • Great suggestions! I’ve been on a major green “KIC” lately. It all started a couple years ago with the perfect green Celine Ava bag, I own green suede Adidas Hamburgs that I looked the world over and love (they don’t have the beige suede toe and have a black sole) and wear frequently. My new found love of green even transferred over to my car order – non metallic dark green SUV that Kathy fondly coined “Army Chic”. Green is truly is a lovely neutral.

    MaryBJune 15th, 2023  7:39 AM

  • My Mini Cooper is dark green and I love it.

    PrestonJune 15th, 2023  8:25 AM

  • Green is a terrific option – a little off the beaten path, but the perfect surprise. My birkin, long past its prime, is a beautiful shade of green and it’s been a terrific neutral, at least for my limited, grey, navy, black and a bit more grey, color schemes. Thank so very much for the book tip – always looking for a good piece of fiction. Take care all – enjoy the weekend!

    TraceyJune 15th, 2023  11:22 AM

  • An old ‘Army green’ Land Rover is my dream car! We have a vintage British Green Austin Healey, and it’s just perfection. Green is beautiful in the kitchen, too! Just not on the hands . . . 🙂

    PaulaJune 15th, 2023  11:31 AM

  • As for the Sambas, anyone know if they need arch support inserts? They look fun, and very flat.

    jean louise LillyJune 15th, 2023  11:34 AM

  • i LOVE green…emeralds top the list. However, I’m emeraldless so I’ve settled for always having a green jeep (with red stripe) for the past 30 years. MaryB: hope you will share brand of your SUV…needing new green options. Green cars are hard to find. Thx. Lynn

    Lynn HamiltonJune 15th, 2023  11:59 AM

  • I hadn’t heard the news about LSD, so exciting! Dark green is super chic, I’m also loving navy for summer. Let us know how the movie is! Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineJune 15th, 2023  12:48 PM

  • green is having a moment. I have been seeing many young woman with green Goyard totes in the last few weeks.

    MdubsJune 15th, 2023  3:09 PM

  • Ran into a friend on Fifth Ave earlier today who was carrying an ENORMOUS Goyard shopping bag, which is bright green.

    PrestonJune 15th, 2023  3:15 PM

  • My mini Cooper is also green, such a great color and makes me so happy whenever I’m behind the wheel!
    Tracey – my dream birkin was going to be green, vert laurier, but realized I couldn’t be picky or I’d never get one. Must be gorgeous!

    LauraJune 15th, 2023  3:18 PM

  • I have a vintage Vert Anise Picotin that I love to carry in the summer. It goes best with neutrals – particularly white or blue. In fact, I LOVE blue with green -esp in the home. I don’t have any green sneakers but that sounds like a very good idea!

    MariaJune 15th, 2023  7:19 PM

  • I came back to this post to read the commentary and saw the statement about your friend on Fifth. She was featured on @newyorkersinthecity today; I grabbed a screenshot here. Please share with us what she got! Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineJune 15th, 2023  10:31 PM

  • My 24 year old daughter bought the green Sambas last week. They are very popular in London.

    MMSJune 16th, 2023  4:26 AM

  • Yes, Marchelline, that’s my friend! I sent her the pic, she’ll be horrified.

    PrestonJune 16th, 2023  8:08 AM

  • Too funny. I would also be horrified, but she is incredibly chic.

    MarchelineJune 16th, 2023  10:17 AM

  • Emeralds would be my pick but instead we have Paula’s dream, old, army green (it is ex army), green land-rover defender. The late queen would be proud.

    Jess FJune 16th, 2023  2:36 PM

  • As always I love your posts.
    I have used the Tiffany cups as pencil holders – they have been a lot of fun. And green is a fabulous neutral in my book.

    BonnyJune 16th, 2023  6:07 PM

  • Well I certainly hear you on the overdosed on neutrals… I’m bursting at the seams with tasteful understated items. I need some disruption! but my colour of choice is yellow. Lemon chartreuse, acid… very intentionally off.

    SundaeJune 23rd, 2023  3:47 PM

  • Fabulous!

    PrestonJune 23rd, 2023  4:49 PM


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