July 18th, 2023
Fall Find #3

Fun Tights

I think patterned tights – all hosiery, actually – will be big this fall/winter. They certainly would make the front-slit skirt less daunting.

Falke and Wolford make terrific patterns and the prices are kinder than designer tights.

  • I live in the Midwest and during winter I’m love tights like these. Big fan of Wolford here!

    KimJuly 18th, 2023  12:15 PM

  • Hello Preston, Wolford are my all time favorite although Falke is right up there. On the fun side, Tabio makes tights in fun colors, for a pop.

    SuWuJuly 18th, 2023  1:19 PM

  • Wolford tights, and their longevity, go hand and hand with Canadian winters.

    SusanJuly 18th, 2023  2:33 PM

  • I would love to see this kind of hose return.

    AprilJuly 18th, 2023  6:56 PM

  • I love this! Gloves and hosiery elevate/complete everything. Wolford’s Satin Touch 20 Comfort in Marmor has been my ‘signature’ – it’s beautiful – but now I can’t wait to select a pattern stocking for this fall! Visiting a hosiery boutique like Wolford or Falke is a treat. Not only is it fun and fascinating, but the sales associates tend to really know their business. Thank you for sharing this tip, Preston!

    PaulaJuly 18th, 2023  11:35 PM


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