August 21st, 2023
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Three For Fall

Fortunately, our LA-based family and friends are unscathed after the hurricane and earthquake. We had an insane amount of rain this summer, too — my trench and macs got a lot of wear, which is weird in July and August. I’m keeping them at the ready because they’ll be essential in the early fall months. I love this trench by Studio Nicholson, it would look great with the Polo Ralph Lauren sweater and loafers with Falke ankle socks.

  • I am so glad to see a Ralph Lauren piece featured today. Forgive me if I have already given kudos to Ralph Lauren. He’s a design and entrepreneurial hero in our family! Mr. Lauren is one of the greatest American success stories of modern fashion and retail history, and his stores are not only beautiful and well staffed, but with very likable people (not at all a given these days)! For a period, RL had quality issues, mainly due to production in China. But I have found it greatly improved, especially in Purple Label. I don’t wear thick sweaters much any more, but I have a nice stack of the single-ply cashmere crewneck tees for wearing 9 months a year and packs perfectly for travel. RL Chicago and Paris are favorite dining spots, and now his coffee shops have captured us too. Pure talent.

    PaulaAugust 21st, 2023  1:35 PM

  • Agreed, and he’s my neighbor!

    PrestonAugust 21st, 2023  1:59 PM

  • Agreed, and he’s not in Canada!
    So when I’m in New York or Chicago RL is part of my travel itinerary.
    From cafe to dinner and the three floors in between.

    SusanAugust 21st, 2023  2:29 PM

  • Ralph Lauren knows his aesthetic and, while updating in the way and that, he has stayed true to his aesthetic. There is a lot to be said for his constancy in an industry that is constantly reinventing itself! I’m glad to hear your family is okay, too. I’m still trying to wrap my head around a tropical storm falling within a Mediterranean region of California.

    RMAugust 21st, 2023  2:53 PM

  • I spoke with my in-laws and a friend in Ojai and all said they needed the rain. A nice way of downplaying how frightening it must’ve been with an earthquake as well. As a lifelong east coaster, I’ve been battening down the hatches my whole life. On the Vineyard house, the ocean facing windows were covered with plywood panels in early fall. The panels were numbered to correspond with specific windows. But, a hurricane in Southern California is something else altogether.

    PrestonAugust 21st, 2023  3:02 PM

  • Hi, from your Ojai friend. Having also had a house on the Vineyard, and living on the east coast for a time, I’m not all that worried about weather, but because it was the first tropical storm in over 100 years, no one knew what exactly to expect – which made it somewhat worrisome. However, while waiting for the storm, we also had the first earthquake in Ojai in over 100 years, and although I’m somewhat used to earthquakes, this was the first time my home sat on the epicenter and it took me a few hours to spot shaking from it. We’ve also had over 60 aftershocks, so it’s been nerve wracking but settling down.

    Now to the clothes… the trench, but from the description, it doesn’t seem water repellant? They have a Mac the same style, that is,,,but basically sold out in the tan color. What do you think of the navy? Love the sweater, wondering if it’s itchy?

    KathyAugust 21st, 2023  5:17 PM

  • This is how the Studio Nicholson site addresses the waterproof question: “A loving tribute to classic trench coats, Holin’s raglan shoulder and full, voluminous cut make it sophisticated but easy to wear. The fabric is a crisp, performance-style cotton blend, with water repellent qualities.”

    PrestonAugust 21st, 2023  6:00 PM

  • Thanks P!

    KathyAugust 21st, 2023  6:01 PM

  • Love this sweater. I too am a RL fan and I appreciate the consistent aesthetic. Kathy, what a scary experience, glad you’re ok.

    Mary BAugust 21st, 2023  8:35 PM

  • Wow Preston! Having Ralph Lauren as a neighbor, exchanging greetings over the garden fence, would be a bit like having Paul Newman as a neighbor ~ I can’t think of more stylish and just cool guys.

    PaulaAugust 22nd, 2023  11:17 AM

  • Ralph Lauren is divine. Always classic and timeless. The brand falls off my radar every once in a while, but thanks to this post I will look to them for some fall updates. Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineAugust 22nd, 2023  11:08 PM


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