October 10th, 2023
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Green Satin Slides

These SS24 satin mules from Altuzarra and Prada take me right back to Vogue in the ’90s when we all wore Manolo and Prada slides and you could hear the slap slap slapping as we raced through the halls. I absolutely love them in green.

  • You had me at hello. These slides are gorgeous. They definitely make the inspo board. I still have the Prada printed silk slingbacks (only for nostalgia, they don’t make it out anymore) that take me right back to the pencil skirted and chunky sweatered halls of DK.

    MelissaOctober 11th, 2023  8:17 AM

  • I too loved wearing my mules in the 90’s. I called them my at work flip flops. These green ones are divine!

    YasminOctober 11th, 2023  8:37 AM

  • Me too!

    TraceyOctober 11th, 2023  9:58 AM

  • I owned the Manolo Blahnik silk polka dot ones…, this just transported me back to when I worked for Gail Pincus at Vogue 1988

    sallyOctober 11th, 2023  12:30 PM

  • Love reading the comments almost as much as reading your post!

    SusanOctober 11th, 2023  1:23 PM

  • Ooh – love these slides! Wonderful shade of green, too.
    I have three or four pairs of Manolo Blahnik slides /mules I bought in the late 90’s – early ’00’s.
    I love them just as much today as when I first bought them – in other words I am going to love them forever!!

    JaniceOctober 11th, 2023  6:59 PM

  • Sally, we worked together and I had the navy polka dot Manolo mules, too!

    PrestonOctober 11th, 2023  7:04 PM

  • How are we feeling about the green pierced Tory Burch mules?

    AnneOctober 11th, 2023  7:48 PM

  • Anne, love those. In fact, Tory is looking better to me that it has in a long time.

    KimOctober 12th, 2023  11:31 AM

  • Fabulous color!

    Lisa EastmanOctober 12th, 2023  5:05 PM

  • Love the green slides. They look the way spring smells!

    Caroline ColemanFebruary 23rd, 2024  6:50 PM


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