October 14th, 2023
On My Mind

Easy Elegance

This photograph of Sofia Coppola, by Steven Meisel for the cover story in The Originals issue of W, takes my breath away. This is how women looked when I was a little girl, elegant and refined. They wore everything with such ease, yet, it took a lot of work to achieve and maintain. As I get older, I’m striving for a bit more elegance in my appearance and mien.

Below are some of the actors in the film Feud: Capote vs. The Swans, which will be released in 2024. Chloë Sevigny as CZ Guest, Naomi Watts as Babe Paley, Demi Moore as Ann Woodward, Calista Flockhart as Lee Radziwill, and Diane Lane as Slim Keith.

  • The beautiful carriage in these photographs makes all the difference.

    karenOctober 14th, 2023  2:07 PM

  • Yes! Karen, I agree with your observation, as well. I do think using images such as Preston’s has visited upon us today can be important directional cues for those of seeking to raise our game a bit. Perhaps if we are thoughtful about the manner in which we meet the world, others will take notice and pursue a more considered way of life. Many thanks for sharing, Preston – a truly beautiful image of Ms. Coppola, who has always followed her own voice. Enjoy the weekend. Please pray for peace.

    TraceyOctober 14th, 2023  3:01 PM

  • Fabulous photographs of elegant women…all of them. I live a very, very casual lifestyle, but even then, I try to include grace in my appearance.

    SharonOctober 14th, 2023  4:34 PM

  • all simply gorgeuos

    christine vorobieffOctober 14th, 2023  9:19 PM

  • I remember older women wearing clothing that had an easy structure of its own: by fabric, cut, and drape, clothing put its own elegant shape around the wearer. This allowed women to move and breathe with an ease that we may not find, for example, with a thin dress that follows every bump and curve. Along with that, Sofia Coppola‘s comfort with her beautiful profile reminds me a bit of Richard Avedon photographing Jacqueline de Ribes in profile. Perhaps that is sometimes part of the easy elegance. From birth, or with time, we’re sometimes lucky to meet people who help us appreciate who we are.

    RMOctober 15th, 2023  8:20 AM

  • I assume the film is based upon the Swans of Fifth Avenue by Melanie Benjamin. Truman Capote was such a complicated person, its an interesting story about the limits and motivations of friendship . I agree about the simple elegance of those times, but the swans lives were rather sad as notable people beyond their heyday. As mature women, we have it so much better today in pretty much every way. I do love the styling of those times though. Naomi Watts is a favorite of mine, she enhances anything she is in.

    AprilOctober 15th, 2023  1:01 PM

  • The photos above are beautiful and highlight the fact that elegance requires some effort. Too much comfort is the enemy of aging elegantly in my opinion.

    MMSOctober 16th, 2023  1:32 PM


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