November 3rd, 2023
Post Envy

On Disneyrollergirl: The Thin Belt And The Fresh White Slice

I rarely, if ever, look at someone else’s post and think “damn, wish I’d written that.” This morning I got serious post envy when I opened Disneyrollergirl’s Wardrobe Update: The Thin Belt and the Fresh White Slice — well done, Navaz. My favorite tee to peek out from under a crewneck sweater is Petit Bateau.

  • Gosh, yes – terrific images! With respect to Ms. Prada’s skirt, are those creases pressed in or is that a function of the seam structure? Many thanks! Looks so crisp – love it with the satin pumps for day! As always, thank you for sharing!

    Tracey StocktonNovember 3rd, 2023  10:32 AM

  • Your two newsletters are my favorites-for years. The thin belt has been on the radar but I haven’t thought about it with a coat. Always on the hunt for the correct neckline in sweaters and white tees. I’m possibly a little obsessive. Tibi has an oversized tee with a great high neckline, albeit quite a bit pricier. Bravo, Ms Prada! Also love her intentional creases.

    HollyNovember 3rd, 2023  3:48 PM

  • Regarding the thin white slice: I do like it at top and bottom, but honestly this is what pearls are for!

    UmmLilaNovember 3rd, 2023  4:14 PM

  • Love, love, LOVE Navaz’s blog. Always so smart and thoughtful about style (as opposed to fashion or worse, just products). This is a great post and a great example.

    C.MicholNovember 3rd, 2023  5:17 PM

  • Love her newsletter, always thought provoking. I’m always on the hunt for a crew neck white tee to layer under sweaters. Today I wore a Uniqlo white turtleneck but I folded the neck inside. Thanks Navaz for the tip about U shirts.

    SueMNovember 3rd, 2023  10:03 PM

  • Love the deliberate creases. Didn’t notice it before. Tuned it out like power lines and telephone poles.

    KimNovember 3rd, 2023  10:09 PM

  • I usually wear a white tee under my sweaters because I can’t wear wool or cashmere directly on my skin. Glad to hear it’s chic. Holly, Navaz has some good tee suggestions on her post. I like Petit Bateau or Uniqlo.

    MMSNovember 4th, 2023  5:40 AM

  • I have been doing the thin white slice almost every day for years! But I never had a name for it, so I love this. I like the James Perse vintage boy tee for this purpose.

    LaurenNovember 4th, 2023  11:28 AM

  • The COS thin rope belt just came back in stock, if anyone is looking for a reasonably priced version.
    Thanks Preston for all the good posts!

    AmyNovember 4th, 2023  1:54 PM

  • Like Celine/Phoebe Philo, I have only ever owned one Prada item in my life – that being my famous black suede kitten heel, absolutely-perfect-pumps often referred to as my ‘travel pumps.’ Adore them, and they are old enough to be pre-logo on heel! Hooray for that! Ms. Prada’s style is just fantastic and totally authentic. I’m a long time Petit Bateau fan (although their quality has fallen off slightly still my favorite). They are trim enough to layer well. Since I don’t look good in v-neck anything, I usually wear one under my few v-neck sweaters. The peek of tee under the sweater makes me think of our adorable Friend, Rachel Green – in early episodes she wore a white tee under her sweater. I recall in Season 1/The Morning Show, Ms. Anniston did the same look with a gorgeous camel v-neck sweater. Ms. Prada is just an elegant woman.

    PaulaNovember 4th, 2023  10:24 PM

  • I have a Uniqlo tee and a couple of others just for the purpose of some white showing at the top of a sweater. The white slice, like others have said has been something I’ve done for quite awhile, not to be be in style, but for practicality purposes. Target has a tee called their relaxed tee which has a great collar height for layering under crew neck sweaters, but size way down.

    RobynNovember 5th, 2023  5:28 AM

  • Thanks Preston! And love the comments – you can always rely on a good discussion on KIC. Thanks for the Petit Bateau tips, off the have a look. And yes to pearls, or a short silver or gold chain necklace will also do some gentle light reflecting. Paula reminded me that I had meant to include Miuccia in a V neck. I’ll do a follow up post.

    disneyrollergirlNovember 5th, 2023  6:35 AM

  • I love to see these cross-references between two of my favorite newsletters! I’ve been a fan of the white slice since college – both versions (white tee, and pearls). In fact, I remember the stylish woman from college (now my best friend in the world) who was wearing an oversized navy cashmere sweater, grey sweatpants, and heirloom pearls to study in the library. So offhand and chic. I also love the belted coat look, until I get to my destination and don’t quite know what to do with the belt! On the hanger in the coat check, in my coat pocket, in my bag….?

    Lisa MacNovember 6th, 2023  12:19 PM

  • The Big Favorite is another brand that has excellent high crew neck white T shirts for layering.

    C.MicholNovember 6th, 2023  1:19 PM

  • Lisa Mac, my instinct would be to hang the belt by the buckle over the hanger but to be sure it’s inside the coat. I do the same with a shawl if I don’t want to carry it with me all evening. Of course, depending on where you are ~ not all coat rooms are secure. If it’s a very good belt, roll it up and tuck it in your bag. I often tuck my gloves in my husband’s coat pockets. A belt could go there as well.

    PaulaNovember 6th, 2023  7:46 PM


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