December 29th, 2023
On The Hunt For

Want vs. Need

Quite simply, I need black, low-heeled, knee-high boots. The Celine pair is everything I’d wanted, just not ideal for long-haul walking. While searching, I was reminded of these Khaite pumps and how much I’d loved them in a Khaite Resort collection post last June. Do I need them? Absolutely not. I’m staying on task (for now).

  • Love the Staud knee high boots. Super chic and comfortable heel height.

    EllieDecember 29th, 2023  10:29 AM

  • I saw those shoes earlier on the Khaite website and thought about you! Happy New Year!

    TracyDecember 29th, 2023  6:54 PM

  • For a highly walkable, but sophisticated option, the Khaite Davis knee-high boots have been my go to for a few years now. At this point, I have them in smooth black leather, black croc stamp, and I just splurged on a snakeskin pair for some added pizzaz to my typically all black outfits.

    Cole ClemmonsDecember 30th, 2023  9:57 PM

  • First I want to say I love your posts and I refer to your taste often. But surely none of us “need” knee high boots. Maybe it’s a more practical want than the heels but definitely not a need. Better to keep things in perspective and recognize how lucky and privileged we are to make superfluous purchases we don’t need while others are truly in need. Practicing gratitude going into this new year. Happy holidays! Xo

    NinaDecember 31st, 2023  6:02 AM

  • @Nina – in terms of fashion, nothing is a true “need” in the global sense. But this is a fashion blog, and I’d like to defend Preston’s use of the word “need” vs. “want”. Everyone who reads this blog has a differing amount of privilege but are all privileged indeed. Preston was referring to “needing” the boots as in filling a big hole in her wardrobe. I think we’re all aware of the way the word was used.
    Happy New Year to all of the KIC community, and a special shoutout to Preston, who leads the way. xoxo

    KathyDecember 31st, 2023  7:23 AM

  • Thank you, Kathy! I appreciate your comment tremendously, xPreston

    PrestonDecember 31st, 2023  9:47 AM

  • Writing in a way that conveys the message we intend to convey is harder than it seems at first glance. I immediately understood what Preston meant about needing new boots, perhaps because I need new boots right now, too. 🙂
    The comments above remind me of a comment I wrote several months ago, a comment which was quickly interpreted in the worst possible way, met with an onslaught of scolds and truly harsh conclusions about me by people who do not know me. A few readers seemed to interpret my point as I intended it, a viewpoint about the nature of a book – not about the author, his character, or worthiness. Ultimately, Preston made the wise call to remove the whole post. Offering others the benefit of the doubt, assuming goodwill, and cutting everyone more slack – which is of course what we would all want for ourselves – can only help. Wishing KIC the very best in the New Year!

    PaulaJanuary 2nd, 2024  1:16 AM


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