January 2nd, 2024
On My Mind

Looking Forward To Spring

At the risk of sounding scrooge-y, I am happy that the holidays are in the rearview. Having the girls home — this year included a fiancé — and getting together with friends, are always wonderful. However, the onslaught of holiday gift guide emails that inundated my inbox was overwhelming. A funny aside: as a child we never used the word “gift” in lieu of “present”, a gift was a talent or aptitude or even, divine. Scented candles and cashmere socks did not fall into the gift category… Don’t get me wrong, I love finding the perfect present, but now that my girls are grown it’s harder — they buy whatever they need and rarely have a list for me. Instead, my younger daughter is meeting me in Paris next week and we will roam the city, and a ski trip with my older daughter is in the works. While I’m with each of them, I hope to find a few things that they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves.

And, this brings me to spring. Now that we are post winter solstice, the day-to-night ratio will start to shift and the daylight hours will microscopically get longer. Just knowing that one day soon I will not wake in total darkness and that the sun won’t seemingly set moments after lunch, gives me hope. An upcoming trip to Los Angeles to see family is also fueling this spring fantasy. New sandals and a crossbody bag are on my spring wishlist, and I’m going to try these at Soeur next week.

  • Does Soeur ship to the US?

    DianeJanuary 2nd, 2024  11:36 AM

  • Yes

    PrestonJanuary 2nd, 2024  11:41 AM

  • So jealous of the trip to Paris with daughters! Sounds divine.
    Thank you for voicing your feelings on the season, I too am looking forward to the end of our dark days. Seems we are all trying to keep a non existent positive attitude on the time of year.
    Love your post, definitely uplifting!

    WandaJanuary 2nd, 2024  11:59 AM

  • The bag is great!

    RheaJanuary 2nd, 2024  12:36 PM

  • Preston – thsnk you for suggesting the Soeur that I ordered – looks like a perfect cross bag for travel.

    CynthiaJanuary 2nd, 2024  1:05 PM

  • I echo your sentiments, Preston. Waking up to the frigid January temperatures made it even harder to get back to reality today. Give me spring!
    My mother and I have forgone ‘gifts’ and instead spend time together, much like you are doing with your daughters.
    One of my first to do’s of 2024 is to unsubscribe from the unnecessary promotional emails and subscriptions. They are overwhelming.
    Congratulations to your daughter! I hope you share your mother-of-the-bride looks with us. Happy New Year!
    Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineJanuary 2nd, 2024  1:07 PM

  • I love the holidays, but am always glad when they are over. I think if you “do them right”, that is what you should feel! I kinda of love winter, though. I like that period of quiet and inside living, and equally love when it ends. I also grew up using the term “present”when speaking of a wrapped object. Its funny how “gift” seems to have replaced it.

    AprilJanuary 2nd, 2024  2:16 PM

  • I ordered a bag from Sœur in November. It arrived with a defect and when I contacted them for a return label , I got only an automated response that they received my email. I even sent a photo of the defect. So far, no response. Do you have any suggestions for what I can do to get them to respond? Help!

    SLFJanuary 2nd, 2024  4:28 PM

  • I will try to help.

    PrestonJanuary 2nd, 2024  6:19 PM

  • It could be my imagination, but I think I am noticing longer days already. Just as with a wonderful trip, I am always ready to take down the tree and treasured decorations and bid the holiday farewell by January 1. I thrive on routine, and January is a perfect month to enjoy the rhythm of winter. I schedule a week of sunshine with my daughter in late February and a few golf junkets here and there to break things up. Otherwise, I am happy to be at home.
    How exciting to have a fiancé enter the picture! Wedding planning with my daughter was truly a highlight of being a mother. Lucky for me, she wanted me as her planning partner – we had so much fun! Best wishes to the happy couple!

    PaulaJanuary 2nd, 2024  6:23 PM

  • Same about yearning for spring. The sun seems so far away in the winter. Longer stretches of daylight are nature’s endorphins.

    KarinaJanuary 2nd, 2024  7:46 PM

  • @SLF If I were you I would try to write on Sœur’s FB, Instagram pages about the bag with a defect. Usually this helps.

    ZivileJanuary 3rd, 2024  8:49 AM

  • Preston, do you ever poll your readers and ask them what their favorite purchase of the past year was? I ask because two of my three favorite purchases of 2023 came from Room 502, which I only learned about from reading your site. I bought two dresses from Room 502—one to wear to my older son’s college graduation and another to wear to a dear friend’s son’s wedding. Neither dress broke the bank and both were beautiful and well-made. My third favorite purchase was a purple White & Warren “travel wrap” which I use as a shawl and occasionally, a blanket. I would be curious about what other readers’ favorite purchases were. Many thoughtful, resourceful readers on this site! Thanks and happy 2024.

    Laura Zinn FrommJanuary 3rd, 2024  9:43 AM

  • Great idea, Laura. I’m putting it together now, just going over my favorite purchase(s). Thank you for the post inspiration, always appreciated! xp

    PrestonJanuary 3rd, 2024  10:01 AM

  • Our family did not use the word gift, rather the word present, too. Tiffany Perretti silver cuff, Rhode dress, vintage levis and a Stio down jacket are my best and favorite (cuff) purchases for the year.

    BetsyJanuary 5th, 2024  12:48 PM


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