April 3rd, 2024
On My Radar


I didn’t realize what was missing in my wardrobe until I bought this Barrie cashmere and cotton velvet-effect cardigan. I love its heft, which makes it a jacket of sorts. Barrie is one of the oldest cashmere knitting manufacturers in Scotland and joined Chanel’s Métiers d’Art in 2012. The quality is sublime, and this cardigan is from the Barrie + Sofia Coppola collaboration so it’s cool, too. I will wear it with jeans, over a slip dress tonight at a dinner, with anything, really — it’s a  forever item.

  • What a versatile find. Somehow, it’s like an elegant combination of cashmere cardigan, Chanel jacket, and varsity jacket. It all blends together beautifully!

    RMApril 3rd, 2024  1:11 PM

  • It’s absolute perfection. You’ll wear it forever. And you look gorgeous. X

    KathyApril 3rd, 2024  1:42 PM

  • I love this on you. Perfection. (It’s depressing how the quality of the very best knitwear is definitely worth it. I don’t think I can look back). xx

    SueApril 3rd, 2024  2:05 PM

  • I’ve made the mistake of buying an investment-priced cashmere sweater and calling it a forever piece only to have it so pilled within two years that I couldn’t stand to wear it in public. How do you, Preston and readers, handle the pilling? I have tried every gadget, strategy, and service under the sun.

    STApril 3rd, 2024  2:34 PM

  • Perfection! Worth the investment. You look stunning!

    Lisa EastmanApril 3rd, 2024  3:06 PM

  • Have you made it to the store in Paris yet? If not, go! It is near Rue Cambon and they have all the things. I discovered Barrie after the Sofia Coppola collab this year and now I am a major fan – and it is the sweetest, friendliest shop.

    LaurenApril 3rd, 2024  10:01 PM

  • Yes, bought the cardigan in the rue Cambon shop two days ago. And, very friendly shop!

    PrestonApril 4th, 2024  1:11 AM

  • It was freezing in Paris last week when we were there for spring break and I bought beanies for my daughters and for myself – everyone was so much happier! That cashmere beanie might be the platonic ideal winter hat.

    LaurenApril 4th, 2024  9:15 AM

  • I love the jacket! But, I’d also love to hear some feedback to ST’s question. I hate pilling, too, and would love to hear how others handle it.

    AprilApril 4th, 2024  12:58 PM

  • In response to April and ST, I’m thinking we should collectively ask our respective sales associates at the various shops/labels where we have sunk our fortunes into cashmere and hear what they recommend about how to care for their sweaters and handle pilling. I am starting with inquiries to Loro Piana stores where I have shopped. So I will be reaching out to NY, Boston, and Chicago (ouch!). I’m also going to ask an experienced associate at RL Manhattan who introduced me to the pretty single-ply cashmere crew necks. In an effort to buy less, buy better, make it last, avoid waste and just generally be smarter, solving this pilling mystery is as important as battling moths. 🙂

    PaulaApril 4th, 2024  11:39 PM

  • The Barrie cardigan is a cashmere-cotton blend with a velvet nap, so it hopefully will not pill. Traditional debobbling with combs, and an electric depiller on heavy-weight sweaters only, are the only solutions I’ve found. I have BugMD moth traps everywhere, honestly EVERYWHERE. Weirdly, I catch the most in traps on the floor.

    PrestonApril 5th, 2024  1:56 AM

  • My secret de-piling weapon is one of those hair thinning combs with a protect blade. I skim the surface and ta da.

    SundaeApril 5th, 2024  9:47 AM

  • Thank you, everyone.

    Preston. Sounds like I approach my cashmere similarly, I just haven’t had a great amount of luck.

    Paula, this is a fabulous idea and I look forward to hearing the responses. I will do the same.

    Sundae, do you have a link? I’d love to explore.

    STApril 5th, 2024  11:48 AM

  • Barrie is the ultimate in chic and luxury

    AmyApril 6th, 2024  1:31 PM


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