April 21st, 2024
On My Mind


It’s grey and cool so I’m attempting to declutter my desk. I now have two work spaces, having recently taken over the front guest bedroom. One office for kic and one for reading, garden planning, i.e. non-kic endeavors. However, it’s never a clean line between the two. This new space is the first domino. Converting the barn to accommodate guests, and finally wallpapering the dining room have been put to the fore. I got a bit overwhelmed when we took on this house, and I’m now ready to finish it. As we are looking for an apartment in Paris, I need this house to be done — I am not one for never-ending projects and redecorating.

Hence, I am going through pictures the girls made for me over the years, polaroids of models I cast from the ’90s — mid-aughts, family photos, thank you notes from Irving Penn, Helmut Lang and so many incredible people I worked with, and endless amounts of personal ephemera. It all invokes powerful memories of beloved people, places, and times. My mother-in-law just sent me her grandmother’s Verdura Curb-Link bracelet from the 1940s. The fact that it was worn by three generations of women in my husband’s family before it came to me is extraordinarily powerful. Jewelry designer Brooke Garber Neidich talks about the profound effect jewelry, especially heirlooms, can have on the wearer. The beauty is that I can wear and enjoy the bracelet every day, unlike the piles of stuff I am sifting through.

Wishing everyone a relaxing Sunday, xp

  • Thanks for sharing this, Preston!

    KimApril 21st, 2024  12:24 PM

  • In this day of everything digital and disposable, this is a lovely reminder that tangible, beloved items like jewelry can transcend generations.

    HeatherApril 21st, 2024  12:57 PM

  • I can see the AS map catalogue on the right , I am a fan too!

    LuApril 21st, 2024  1:18 PM

  • Lovely space to work, light coming in from a window, desk long enough to keep everything visible – will go on my inspirational board.

    AngelaApril 21st, 2024  1:37 PM

  • Ooh this resonates so much! Please come and declutter my desk! x

    disneyrollergirlApril 21st, 2024  2:14 PM

  • Yes Preston , Exactly!Mallory has been wearing my 9mm pearls lately , they are the pearls my father gave me when I turned 21 . I have added strands to them over the years so I am not sure they are the exact 30” strand my father gave me but still , seeing her in them fills my heart in the most profound way .

    Brooke Garber NeidichApril 21st, 2024  6:43 PM

  • What a wonderful and meaningful (as well as gorgeous) gift. I love that bracelet. xo

    KathyApril 21st, 2024  7:07 PM

  • You can’t leave us hanging! Can you post a pic of the bracelet and how you’re wearing it everyday? Nothing better than a wonderful collection of meaningful jewelry that you can wear, not appreciate from afar or on a special occasion. Reminds me of all the comments (and maybe posts?) about using the China, silver, fancy stuff, etc. every day.

    BllApril 21st, 2024  8:37 PM

  • This is lovely! What a beautiful and generous gesture from your mother-in-law! I have found leather-bound scrapbooks a useful and handsome catchall for prized ephemera from various events, performances, and travels, including business cards, museum exhibit stubs, postcards, beautifully calligraphed tables numbers & place cards, and occasionally charming menus (which, like programs and tickets, are more are more rare as owners and organizers move to ‘scan-your-menu-here’).

    PaulaApril 22nd, 2024  2:05 PM


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