April 29th, 2024
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Boho Chic Is Back

Just as I’ve stored all of my Isabel Marant items from 2010 – 2012, boho chic has come roaring back. The resurgence is mostly due to Chemena Kamali’s debut collection for Chloé where she resurrected the fun, feminine, cool-girl style that made the Chloé label so beloved.

I spent this past weekend with a very chic friend at the GCA Annual Meeting. She mentioned her love of boho chic, which got me thinking about how I will reintroduce this easy trend back into my wardrobe. Firstly, I will unbox the Isabel Marant dresses, then I will look for a skirt. This WAIMARI tiered skirt is perfect, yet extremely long. For my tall readers, this one is for you. Paired with classic accessories like DKF‘s drool-worthy estate jewelry and these Prada sandals is my more mature and pared back approach to 2024 boho chic.

Master & Dynamic x Celine headphones

  • Hi Preston, I recognized you in the crowd in Hartford and wanted to say that I am a big fan but you know what that crush was like…..hope you had a good time at the meeting.

    Leslie MartingApril 29th, 2024  12:55 PM

  • I love the skirt and think it can easily work for all heights. Just remove the ruffle. DK Farnum is drool worthy! I would happily love to have anything from her collection!

    Lisa EastmanApril 29th, 2024  12:55 PM

  • Hi! I attended the GCA annual meeting too. Wish Inhad known you were there so I could say hi! I noticed a tiny woman who seemed impossibly chic. I told her on Sunday morning that she would absolutely win the best dressed prize! She had on a cream colored very lightweight leather jacket. I wonder if that was your friend! More than a few chic women at this gathering of ardent gardeners! Best, Alicia

    Alicia WhitakerApril 29th, 2024  2:53 PM

  • It was a profound experience and I am honored to be a part of an organization that makes an enormous impact and can effect change in this dire time of climate crisis.

    PrestonApril 29th, 2024  3:53 PM

  • Daddy O and Jackie O. On Capri?

    M. Kirk OkayApril 29th, 2024  6:04 PM

  • I do love the boho peasant look and have always loved a peasant dress. Jackie’s outfit is sophisticated but a take on traditional Greek clothing. Her outfit also brings to mind Maria Grazia Chiuri’s resort 2024 collection for Dior inspired by traditional Mexican dress. So many beautiful outfits!

    RebeccaApril 29th, 2024  6:54 PM

  • Almost certainly Capri! I’m pretty sure it’s Ristorante (sp?) “La Capannina.” Visited fall of ‘11 and brought home cute pink match boxes. They have photos of them all over the place. I recall it was a little gourmet shop and wine bar. I love garden clubs that stick to the pleasures of gardening – designing, choosing plants, cultivation, handling disease and insects, achieving beauty in our communities, and serving up a good dessert!

    PaulaApril 29th, 2024  9:23 PM

  • Realize that I’ve missed boho chic, somehow it feels fresh again. And I’ve truly been a Chloé fan in the past. That skirt looks lovely and easy to style!

    Got a tan Chloé Edith bag tucked away for 12+ years waiting to worn again. Just have to get over it not being crossbody and not having both my hands free.

    Best, Anna from Stockholm

    Anna NorellMay 13th, 2024  4:47 PM


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