June 19th, 2024

Summer Reads

Two of my favorite authors released new titles yesterday. Claire Lombardo’s Same As It Ever Was and Parade by Rachel Cusk are next in the queue and ready to be packed.

  • Love your book choices and style!

    Adrienne HorwitchJune 20th, 2024  4:39 AM

  • Same As It Ever Was is great! I had loved The Most Fun We Ever Had, and so, when I saw this new book, it pushed its way to the very top of my book pile. 200 pages in, Iā€™m glad it did. Now I just need to complete checkout on some linen shorts. Thank you.

    KIC fanJune 20th, 2024  2:00 PM

  • The Most Fun We Ever Had is one of my favorite books. I’m looking forward to Claire’s new release. I’m saving Swan Song by Elin Hilderbrand for an upcoming beach trip. I always love your recommendations and following/subscribing to The Locust Valley Bookstore is one of the greatest tips you have ever provided. I’m hoping to make a trip there in person. Thank you for the introduction! Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineJune 20th, 2024  4:52 PM


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