March 30th, 2021
Favorite Rerun

Wear Now, Wear Often

I am rerunning this post, which was first published in June 2015, because it’s more relevant today than when I first wrote it. For the past year I’ve been sitting on a few new purchases and, as soon as I can, I’m going to pull them out and wear them — often. 

My favorite recent piece of advice, which came from a few readers who commented on Shopping Rules, is to not “save” things. They suggest that the things we love most should be worn the most often.

I’m a “saver”, and the downside of saving things is that by the time I pull them out, I don’t always love them as much as when I first bought them—they no longer feel fresh. I purchased this hobo over a year ago and can count on one hand the number of times I’ve worn it. Ironically, it’s my favorite bag, and yet, I carry it the least. That’s going to change, pronto.

P.S. I’m wearing the above bag today.

  • Good advice. Will try harder to stop putting purchases away for special occasions – every day is a special occasion!!!!

    melanieJune 17th, 2015  7:18 AM

  • Preston that is exactly what I tell my clients. I love the well-loved, well-worn patina on my bags!

    BetsyJune 17th, 2015  7:34 AM

  • I am guilty of “saving” things (for what, I have NO idea) but have started to really use and wear the things I love. I did buy that bag in cognac, and wear it every single day – love the patina that’s starting to develop.

    KathyJune 17th, 2015  7:58 AM

  • I advise my clients against saving for best too, just like Betsy. It’s strange how the things we love the most we often wear the least. And they’re often our more expensive pieces, so wearing them more frequently would also reduce their cost per wear!


    JulieJune 17th, 2015  9:08 AM

  • So true! Thanks for the reminder!

    SusanJune 17th, 2015  9:37 AM

  • My parents taught me to save things, they lived through the war and raised a family with smaller incomes so they wanted things in good repair for special occasions.

    I was a saver, now our lifestyle is much more laid back and it is all about the mix.


    AnneJune 17th, 2015  10:04 AM

  • I tend to be a ‘saver’ but more out of forgetfulness. Although I must try to remember to rotate my bags/ watches etc. every couple of months. Off to change my bag now!

    MMSJune 17th, 2015  10:44 AM

  • The wonderful thing about leather, like a good saddle, the more it is handled, the softer, and more glowing the patina. Hopefully the hardware holds up as well. Certain bags must be reserved a bit and are naturally seasonal (such as a fabulous Lambertson-Truex wicker basket bag I purchased in the mid-90’s), but for the most part, handbags are better the more they are used.
    On this subject of wearing and using things – this applies and is even more important for shoes! Unlike a dress or pant size, you can’t control how your feet change through the years. I am here to tell you that your fabulous shoes in your closet today will not fit the same in 3-5 years! Don’t save your classic pumps for good. My shoe size has changed at least four times in the past 15 years, and now the majority of my classic and very expensive shoes don’t even fit! It is disappointing not to be able to wear beautiful shoes that are literally like new! Perhaps the moral of this story is to buy fewer things, buy better things, and live in them.

    PaulaJune 17th, 2015  11:26 AM

  • I’m a saver too, I got that from my mother, a child of the Depression. It’s a tough habit to break, but like being a pack rat who saves everything, just doesn’t make sense. I was glad to hear my daughter say that a co-worker asked her why she didn’t “save” her Mark Jacobs cross body bag for good rather than carrying it every day. ” Why would I do that ?”, my daughter said. Makes sense to me.

    AprilJune 17th, 2015  3:43 PM

  • I used to be a saver as well. But this last year I have really pared down my closet (with some good tips from you, Preston!) and only have kept things I really like. If I’m not sure about something, I take it out for a spin to see if I like wearing it. If not, out it goes. I can get dressed quickly now, because I know what I have fits, is good quality, and matches my other clothes.

    PindaJune 17th, 2015  5:31 PM

  • Preston, I have to ask: how many of those do you own? I can recall seeing images of you with a cognac one, a chamois-and-black one and a black one? Is this your signature bag???

    nikishaJune 17th, 2015  11:29 PM

  • I agree about not saving the shoes. A lot of my better shoes that I don’t rotate often have cracked leather due to the weather changes and I regret not having worn them more often. On the other hand, I wear my purses on a regular rotation, but lambskin gets scuffed with normal wear and tear, and I’m not too happy with the way they look now though. On hindsight I should’ve gotten deerskin or calfskin bags for day to day use.

    SamJune 18th, 2015  3:24 AM

  • That’s so true, the German girls are so good at that – it’s used for 1-2 seasons then ebayed off to fund the next….

    ACJune 18th, 2015  4:45 AM

  • Me too a saver my mother was a depression era child so she instilled in me to ‘save things for good’ it’s a hard habit to break ….but I continue to try!

    Sue TothJune 18th, 2015  5:28 AM

  • Paula,
    Thank you for your comment about your shoes and foot changing over the past 15 years.I recently have been going through this and was very frustrated. Many of my beautiful Manolo’s that fit a year ago just don’t anymore. I have also moved from suburb to city and the Super High heel no longer works because I can’t walk…but most of my Manolo’s were kitten heel and I was very sad to give them up.
    BTW, I have been reading this blog for a while now and I must say, Preston I love what you do here and equally as interesting as your posts are the comments from some very smart and fashionable women.
    Thank you all!

    YasminJune 18th, 2015  11:39 AM

  • I used to be a saver. But recently I do not see a point in saving beautiful things. I try to use them on a regular basis, so I can make my every day a little nicer, more luxurious, more beautiful. It definitely brings me more joy than contemplating those things closed in my wardrobe. It is like having beautiful painting by great master closed in a safe. Why not looking at it every day while it hangs on the wall in front of my couch?

    escritoraJune 21st, 2015  6:40 AM

  • I am guilty of “saving” my most loved items… I’m now inspired to not save -“you should wear what you love most”! Good rule of fashion.

    LisaMarch 30th, 2021  9:07 AM

  • I have to admit, I’m a “user”. You never know what tomorrow will bring so use and surround yourself with items and people you love! Now where I’m guilty is I keep “collecting” items I love…some would say hoard, but I like to think of it more as a growing collection – lol! COVID has taught me there is not much I actually need and shopping my closet has been a joy!

    MaryBMarch 30th, 2021  9:41 AM

  • This post is [again] perfectly timed: a change in season and hopefully, being able to get out more once I’m vaccinated. I’ve always been a “saver” – like many other readers, a legacy from my Depression-trained mother. I’ve been sitting on pieces from last Spring, too. Some of them are “trend” pieces I need to figure out how to wear with my classics! Thanks for the reminder to pull out and wear the pieces I invested in and love the most.

    Lisa MacMarch 30th, 2021  10:19 AM

  • Preston, I especially love Paula’s comment from June 2015. “Buy fewer things, buy better things, and live in them.” That is so true even today living through a pandemic. I have hardly bought anything during COVID. I have a whole big closet full of clothes that have worked just fine. Lesson learned. Spring love to everyone!

    Pamela TaftMarch 30th, 2021  2:07 PM

  • I struggle with this with my Hermes bags. My classic black Birkin has been utterly abused and I love it like that. But my ‘favorites’ barely see the light of day. I

    Julie AnnMarch 30th, 2021  5:34 PM

  • During quarantine a year ago I started making sure I put on my jewelry every day… Even though I was going absolutely nowhere, I still did it. I will continue to do so, it is meant to be worn and really every day is a special day.

    MelissaMarch 30th, 2021  6:51 PM


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