April 1st, 2021
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Images: Courtesy of Cartier, April Vogue Paris, Irina Shayk in April Elle photographed by Chris Colls and styled by Alex White.

After yesterday’s post, I pulled out my Cartier Tank Americaine. I haven’t worn it in well over a year and it needs a new battery — plus, my Rolex could use a rest and a feminine watch looks good right now. The grounds of Philip Johnson’s iconic Glass House reopen April 16 and I’m going to head over and wander. My daughter and I loved the Alice Neel: People Come First exhibition at The Met and I’ve preordered the paperback reissue of Alice Neel: The Art of Not Sitting Pretty. And, this version of the Louis Vuitton NéoNoé is just really good.

  • Funny you mentioned your Tank. I took mine into Cartier yesterday for a new battery and strap, which it seems to requires every four years like, pardon the pun, clock work!
    This time it was very different. I had to book a month in advance for day and time slot. In Toronto they are open by appt only right now. So it was both an outing and a private experience ~ all alone in Cartier, just me and my watch.
    It’s almost 20 years old and I will love it forever. (Hope so, I opted for a tan instead of usual black strap;)

    SusanApril 1st, 2021  9:59 AM

  • Hi Preston,
    I work at the Glass House and will be on the lookout for you. Thanks for the shout out.
    I, too am a Cartier Tank fan — I’m currently on my third.
    And that Noe is very special indeed.

    Troyce SmithApril 1st, 2021  12:20 PM

  • Your post inspired me to take out my Cartier too!

    LaurenApril 1st, 2021  2:29 PM

  • I just left a remark on your IG post about the Cartier Panthere resurgence. I am trying to understand why it’s so popular. I have a tank Francaise in steel and gold and never wear it since COVID. I do love the combination of the watch and Love bracelet together. If I had a black leather band Americaine, I would pair it with a leather Love bracelet in a hot skinny minute. Also stacking with Hermès leather bracelets is also one of my favorite looks.

    TracyApril 1st, 2021  3:13 PM

  • First, I like the phrase, ‘hot skinny minute.’ Clever speech is almost extinct these days, it’s so exciting when someone says something spontaneous and quasi-original! : ))
    Second, I would love to see a photo of the watch, leather bands and bracelet combinations Tracy is describing. I’m trying to visualize this – sounds very chic.
    Third, I just returned from NY. Changes were striking – and not in a good way.

    PaulaApril 1st, 2021  11:42 PM

  • Oooh, that bag!

    MMSApril 2nd, 2021  4:00 AM

  • I like my Cartier Panthere watch very much. I wear it with an Ole Lynggaard pearl nature bracelet. A little bit different to pairing it back with another Cartier piece. It is important to wear what you like not just what is dictated by taste arbitrators.

    ClaireApril 2nd, 2021  5:54 AM

  • Hello Preston, my husband surprised me with a gold Cartier tank with a black lizard strap several years ago. I am sorry to say it hasn’t gotten much wear…at first I was “saving it” and then I wasn’t sure about the black band., it looked jarring and severe on my wrist. As I have gotten into my sixties I have slowly been removing all black from my closet, as it feels too harsh for me anymore.
    In your opinion, would I be ruining the iconic look of my Cartier if I changed the strap to something a little softer in color? Or, should I just make up my mind to wear it as is? As you know, It is a lovely feminine watch.

    PatriciaApril 2nd, 2021  10:37 AM

  • Hi Patricia, Susan put a tan strap on her Tank, which is super chic. Put on a strap that you love so you’ll wear the watch, it’s meant to be worn. I posted a picture of mine on IG yesterday and it is certainly worn.

    PrestonApril 2nd, 2021  11:15 AM

  • NYC will be just fine, we’ve come back from far worse. NYS is doing a tremendous job of vaccinating folks quickly. Right now 30 and above are eligible and on 4/6 16 and above. Hope everyone is doing well, xp

    PrestonApril 2nd, 2021  11:33 AM

  • I have 4 alligator straps in different colours, tan and red are terrific, usually I wear black but tan or another colour in the summer is just right. My tank is 45 years old and I am still wondering how back then, quality and precision of finishing was so much better, stones setting and quality, sapphire cabochon a natural one instead of synthetic…Now, Cartier watches (and all the other “luxury” brands), especially the ones with battery power movement, are unfortunately mass products. Reinvented a bit every few decades, poorer and poorer quality.

    IsabelApril 3rd, 2021  3:26 AM

  • I love my ‘old’ watches but the cost of servicing them and replacing bits is more than the cost of the watch sometimes (maybe not if adjusted for inflation). And I am glad to see that smaller faces are becoming more popular. I love and wear both oversized and small looks anyways.

    MMSApril 4th, 2021  4:08 AM


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