April 21st, 2021
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Find My…

During its product launch yesterday, Apple announced a new Bluetooth tracking device, the AirTag, developed to help folks find handbags/luggage/keys/etc. through its Find My app. Hermès designed leather cases — a key ring, bag charm, and luggage tag — for a version of the trackers that will also be engraved with the house’s Clou de Selle logo —now that’s chic and functional. Available April 30.

  • My hub texted me that photo yesterday while he was watching the announcements and initially I thought it was a new Apple Watch ; )
    A bit off topic and from your last summer post over on Palais, thoughts on the Gemma Matouk coverlet? Recently got my samples and I can’t decide if it will be too warm or if it’s the perfect top layer for spring/summer in Maine. Also wondering if it softens over time?

    LauraApril 21st, 2021  10:40 AM

  • You always highlight the best things. This would be a fun Mother’s Day item!

    SRApril 21st, 2021  3:03 PM

  • Before I buy technology that can track me, which will undoubtedly be abused by the companies doing the tracking, I would prefer to cultivate good mental habits that permit me to maintain acuity and follow thinking procedures that allow me to avoid using the technology. I would far rather buy a handsome Hermes key chain and force my brain to remember where I put my keys.

    PaulaApril 21st, 2021  7:00 PM

  • I agree with Paula. I find it rather creepy.

    MoiraApril 21st, 2021  9:25 PM

  • Well said, Paula!

    PatriciaApril 22nd, 2021  8:03 AM

  • I agree with Paula…

    KathyApril 22nd, 2021  8:28 AM

  • I think these are cool. I hear you Paula but anyone with a cell phone is already being tracked, this will be helpful for those of us who are forgetful.

    JenApril 22nd, 2021  6:21 PM

  • Agreed, we are all being tracked. I lost my cell phone at the airport and was able to get it back based on the find it feature in my IPhone. I am getting the chips and key chain. A while ago you mentioned Tile to me and this will work too.

    TracyApril 23rd, 2021  6:40 AM

  • I’m not a techie, but I have disabled the ‘find me’ settings on my phone, although it may not be altogether effective. Somehow for the past two hundred years, our ancestors managed to find their stuff and live life quietly without anyone tracking them. I find the intrusions startling. To ensure privacy, on my recent trip to NY, I intentionally left my cell phone at my hotel. One restaurant asked me to scan my phone upon arrival, “so we can track you if anyone gets sick.” I happily refused and headed to a restaurant that doesn’t intrude on my privacy. Losing one’s privacy is akin to losing your freedom. No amount of beautiful accessories or exciting technology will entice me to give up my privacy.

    PaulaApril 23rd, 2021  12:19 PM


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