April 19th, 2021
On My Mind

Mussels at Home

I went to a birthday lunch for a dear friend yesterday. All the guests were vaccinated and it was, for each of us, the first time dining in a restaurant with a group. The awkwardness of reemergence was a hot topic and it’s real — I felt completely out of social practice. However, good food and great friends were the perfect excuse to get back out there.

Like many, I cooked at home almost exclusively this past year, but I did not make mussels. They’re one of my all-time favorite dishes, and when on the menu, I order them. They were an extra treat yesterday since I haven’t had them in ages. Even though I’ve posted on mussels before, I’ve yet to make them myself. There’s a simple recipe in Soupology that looks easy and delicious.

p.s. I made the Thai mussels below for lunch today 4/20 — so easy!

  • Looking forward to exploring this cookbook!

    karenApril 19th, 2021  10:26 AM

  • Ina Garden’s French Mussel Bisque is divine. I use coconut milk in place of the heavy cream. Delicious.

    BryceApril 19th, 2021  7:22 PM

  • I’ve also followed Ina Garten’s recipe but funnily enough mussels are the one shellfish I find foolproof at home. A base, a broth, a spice and a baguette. You can do it!

    SueMApril 19th, 2021  8:05 PM

  • But Preston, what did you wear yesterday for your lovely outing? 🙂 I think we all need some inspo for this new world of possible outings coming to us this spring.

    ThereseApril 20th, 2021  2:28 AM

  • After trying on a few new things, I played it safe and wore an aRossGirl x Soler dress and Cecilie Bahnsen vest. Comfortable armor.

    PrestonApril 20th, 2021  7:01 AM

  • I also love mussels…we were talking about them recently after watching them being prepared on “The Kitchen” on the Food Network! I have made them at home many times, but looking forward to ordering them in a restaurant again.

    SharonApril 20th, 2021  8:26 AM

  • Butter, white wine & garden herbs, voila! But I agree so much better to have them served to you in a restaurant!
    Saw Heathers post and your ladies luncheon looked like fun. I see Santal 33 is her go to. So that brings me back to perfume, yet again, I love it too and wonder if it was one that you sampled also?

    SusanApril 20th, 2021  9:26 AM

  • Congratulations! Those look wonderful.

    Lisa FApril 20th, 2021  3:42 PM


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