April 28th, 2021
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Chain Belt 🖤

The Saint Laurent FW21 collection film debuted this morning and it’s filled with chain belts. I’m glad I got a jump on this trend and will wear the SS21 SL belt often. I bought the smaller size because I want it to be trim with a dress, yet, it’s still slouchy over pants and skirts — a win-win.

  • What designer are your jeans. Very cute!

    Suzanne SolomonApril 28th, 2021  9:50 AM

  • They are Frame — I love them, but they make me look short… okay, shorter than I am 😉

    PrestonApril 28th, 2021  10:03 AM

  • You read my mind. No really. After your chain belt post, I wondered how you would put that together and what it would look like. Thank you! It brings casual up to such a grown up cool level that I can emulate. Thank you!

    KimApril 28th, 2021  4:32 PM

  • Love it!

    ErinApril 28th, 2021  4:50 PM

  • The belt looks great on both outfits!

    karenApril 28th, 2021  9:21 PM

  • Great ideas, I will use my old Chanel one. I love SL’s FW collection.

    MMSApril 29th, 2021  3:53 AM

  • I love the dress. I have become obsessed with finding a good shirt dress.

    AmyApril 29th, 2021  7:00 AM

  • I bought this dress in March 2020 thinking I could always wear it in the fall — fall 2021 works, too…

    PrestonApril 29th, 2021  7:06 AM

  • Love YSL’s chain belt. I will be adding it to my wardrobe too

    LisaApril 29th, 2021  7:32 AM

  • Love! Funny, I was just thinking about an old Gucci chain belt that I have and saw your post. Great minds think alike . I love your pairing with the jeans that I did not think of. You look great in both stylings.

    MaryBApril 29th, 2021  7:39 AM

  • The belt looks GREAT, Preston!

    It’s funny- earlier this week I was on Pinterest looking at images of Kate Moss and Halle Berry in short suits, and thought they would be a great alternative for the fall with a collarless maxi coat- and a chain belt! This F/W collection by SL has a lot of inspiration by Chanel ( jackets and cross necklaces) but the short shorts are very YSL. Very cool collection. You’ve inspired me to get the belt!
    Merci, S

    SeverineApril 29th, 2021  8:48 AM

  • Love the clogs…what brand?

    WendyApril 29th, 2021  10:09 AM

  • Hermes

    PrestonApril 29th, 2021  11:17 AM

  • You look fantastic in both outfits. I’ve never understood chain belts, but it looks great on you and as you know, I’m always far behind on trends…even if they’re not trends.

    KathyApril 29th, 2021  4:02 PM

  • I love it over the shirt dress, gives a gentler drape and different feel than leather. So cute with the jeans! Going to dig out an old Marant one. They totally do NOT make you look short in a negative way. Own your petite chic ❤️

    SueMApril 29th, 2021  5:25 PM

  • Very chic, but I adore your Chanel chain link belt!

    CareyApril 30th, 2021  12:49 PM


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