May 6th, 2021
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Sunglass Wardrobe

After years of wearing just traditional aviators and wayfarers, I’ve been collecting more fashion-forward styles — I’m building a sunglass wardrobe, if you will. It’s amazing how switching up sunglasses can completely change a look. It’s the little things.

Saint Laurent and here, Ray-Ban, Loewe

  • I love this. I too am a sunglass minimalist. For years, I stuck to a single pair of Céline sunglasses. I recently added a classic pair of Oliver Peoples x The Row. There’s a Bottega cat eye that I’ve also been lusting after.

    MichelleMay 6th, 2021  8:32 AM

  • I agree! I always wore a traditional aviator or wayfarer style. I just bought the Tom Ford Collette and it completely changed my vibe.

    DebbieMay 6th, 2021  9:27 AM

  • Love all your choices. Check out Krewe. Great fashion forward looking !

    Jill wolderMay 6th, 2021  9:27 AM

  • Beautiful choices! Love the idea of various wardrobes ( perfume and sunglasses) Which do you use for sport activities like running, tennis, hiking, biking? The larger shades tend to be too heavy and don’t fit hats or helmets. I still want to look stylish while sweating. Thanks!

    LynetteMay 6th, 2021  10:04 AM

  • There must be something in the air – I just bought a new pair of sunglasses after years of “sunglass minimalism” (like Michelle, a pair of Célines). It’s part of my overall strategy of paring back to functional, timeless, luxurious accessories that I will actually wear and use.

    Lisa MacMay 6th, 2021  10:09 AM

  • For sports I wear an old pair of Dita aviators, very lightweight.

    PrestonMay 6th, 2021  10:16 AM

  • I’ve always had a sunglass wardrobe – Even winter and summer versions. One of the seasonal looks we can change in California…

    KathyMay 6th, 2021  10:44 AM

  • Lisa Mac, you just get me. I would love to know what pair you just added to your collection! I too am on a quest to pare back. It’s refreshing and I truly love every piece in my minimal wardrobe. x

    MichelleMay 6th, 2021  10:54 AM

  • For sports I rely on Maui Jim’s for maximum protection against uv rays and glare.

    SLFMay 6th, 2021  11:01 AM

  • Yes, sunglass are like shoes! Fall shades, summer shades, travel shades…and reading glasses…now in every room. I just got my hubby and brother on the designer readers.
    Celine, Rayban, Oliver Peoples, Gucci. They are an investment but if you use everyday, its worth it.

    Carrington GoodmanMay 6th, 2021  12:48 PM

  • Sunglasses are like t strap sandals, the more the merrier. I wear them every day of the year and think of them as the last accessory.

    SueMMay 6th, 2021  6:56 PM

  • P. S.
    Darn it, forgot to say I think the Saint Laurent ones are fabulous!

    SueMMay 6th, 2021  7:01 PM

  • For Michelle – inspired by a recent KIC post, I visited the Ann Mashburn store here in DC and wound up buying a pair of vintage-inspired sunglasses from Allyn Scura Eyewear. It’s a small, California-based company – four employees total – that offers vintage-inspired original eyeglass designs, plus actual vintage frames. It’s owned by the designer, Allyn Scura, and her husband Scott Iseyama. Felt right to be buying from a small, predominantly vintage, woman- and minority-owned business right now and the quality is incredible. x

    Lisa MacMay 6th, 2021  7:20 PM

  • I have long believed that sunglasses are one of the most critical accessories. Along with outerwear, a good handbag, and shoe (for me, a wrist watch as well), you can walk out the door without any makeup, hair pulled back, and very casual clothes. Sunglasses add glamour and polish, and elevate any woman. They also add mystery, which is so underrated these days. For someone like me, who doesn’t always leave the house with concealer, etc., sunglasses (and lipstick) give me cover. Because I need prescription, I usually only have two-three pairs at a time. My current favorites are Celine and Tiffany for dress and classic tortoise Barton Pererra for casual.

    PaulaMay 6th, 2021  8:43 PM

  • Sunglasses maximalist here!

    SundaeMay 7th, 2021  9:55 AM

  • I love this post so much! As a sunglasses collector, no matter how simple your clothes, a great pair of sunglasses add that certain something. My favorites are from Cubitts and Oliver Goldsmith. Plus sunglasses take up less room in your suitcase than shoes!

    KnealeJune 28th, 2023  8:21 AM


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