May 19th, 2021
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Filling The Gap

The weather warmed up significantly, so I moved my coats, wool skirts, and winter wear to a back closet. Sadly, most items went unworn last season. Sweaters are being cleaned and repaired before they, too, go into storage. I’ve gone a bit overboard with moth traps, but these actually work and have prevented untold damage. In exchange, out came my spring standbys. This is the moment when I realize that I don’t have fill-in-the-blank. This year it’s lighter-weight, knee-length skirts and dresses. I have a ton of mini-ish skirts, and dressy dresses to the knee, but I need something in-between. The A.P.C. shirt dress from the previous post should be here today; I’m hoping it will help fill this gap in my wardrobe. I, also, ordered this aRossGirl❤️Soler medium-wale corduroy skirt (it’s darker IRL) —  I will shorten it and wear it three seasons. On a side note, I don’t grab my midi-length pieces that often and may alter a few to get more wear out of them.

  • Great post. The ‘in between’ weather is such a conundrum. Love the pictured outfit and those shoes! Any idea of their origin?
    Love your process of repairing and cleaning sweaters and other garments before storing for the season. So smart!

    Lisa FMay 19th, 2021  11:33 AM

  • Shoes are Chanel

    PrestonMay 19th, 2021  11:52 AM

  • APC dress ordered – got my YSL chain belt yesterday – and on the wait list for Tibi white midi skirt. I have the black already. Totally agree that’s how I want to dress now. Thank you for all the recs!

    AmyMay 19th, 2021  12:23 PM

  • I loved this post! For me, it’s answered a number of questions – chief among them is the “seasonal swap”. So many of the organizing gurus tell us to do away with the “seasonal swap”. I love putting away my winter clothes for the season! My other closet focus is moths. I’ve tried everything. In addition, it seems to be a bigger problem now then in years past. I will definitely try this Moth solution.

    LisaMay 19th, 2021  12:42 PM

  • I’m so with you. I wore so little of my winter wardrobe that the swap barely felt worth the work. Thank you for the anti-moth tip..much needed!
    I ordered the APC dress and also the long tiered dress (with pockets!) from CO in both white and khaki. Perhaps a post only on sandals is next?? I need to work on my clog game.

    MelissaMay 19th, 2021  12:47 PM

  • Our 1930’s home has very little closet space. After our children graduated college and we were certain they wouldn’t be moving back home, my husband and I counted to ten and then we quickly took possession of their respective bedroom closets. Rather than swap clothes from one closet to another, I simply designated my portion of the master bedroom closet for fall/winter and designated my new ‘second closet’ for Spring/summer. Anything that lives in a dresser or chest stays there year round; shoes stay in the same spot year round, too.
    The sticky tents will work for moths – so long as the glue product actually attracts them to fly in. I have to wonder if moths have any positive role in the planet’s eco-system at all? Regardless, they won’t be living at my house.

    PaulaMay 20th, 2021  2:12 AM

  • Thank you for the moth trap reminder, what a bloody menace those things are. Am also in the middle of swapping out for summer as spring lasted about a week here. Will cull as I go but as you say, can’t use the usual “did I wear it for a year “ rule. What I’ve found I’m sorely lacking is lightweight cardigans. Seem to remember lending one and shrinking one but now on the hunt. Side note am determined to wear everything in my summer closet regardless of restrictions. Wore a Marant sundress to the garden centre yesterday. Go me.

    SueMMay 20th, 2021  8:10 AM

  • Preston, any idea about the white T-shirt worn with this skirt? It looks like a nice weight weight without being too heavy or boxy.

    KimMay 20th, 2021  11:07 AM

  • I like COS t-shirts, plain white and stripes, and they seem to be holding up better than Petite Bateau. I love SueM’s spirit regarding wearing all the clothes ‘regardless of restrictions.’ I tried to apply that philosophy during the past fall/winter, and, except for my better outerwear and dresses that were truly cocktail, I feel as though I wore everything reasonably. Life is short and life goes on – learning to adapt is my new definition of adulthood.

    PaulaMay 20th, 2021  11:34 AM

  • Amanda does not know the brand of the t-shirt in the picture, sorry. I just got my skirt and it’s darker than pictured, but exactly what I need — it’s a 3 season piece, perfect for this transitional weather. The A.P.C. dress is also what I’d hoped for.

    PrestonMay 20th, 2021  12:00 PM

  • Thank you Preston for the shoe ID. Off to contact boutique now! Thank you again.

    Lisa FMay 20th, 2021  3:01 PM

  • Preston, very kind of you to check with Amanda regarding the T-shirt. Paula, thanks for recommending Cos.

    KimMay 21st, 2021  10:18 AM


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