May 21st, 2021
Kendall Conrad's Aficionada

I’ll Have What She’s Having

Refreshing beauty advice from model/entrepreneur Rachel Roberts on designer Kendall Conrad’s blog Aficionada:

  • Agreed but after a certain age, one needs much more than that!

    MMSMay 21st, 2021  8:25 AM

  • I literally did not know that you are not supposed to wash your face in the morning!

    LisaMay 21st, 2021  8:31 AM

  • Those eyebrows!! What a beautiful face and skin! I recently splurged on Dior’s Lacure and hoping for a miracle! Agree with MMS after a certain age (me at 45) need a lot more!!

    ameeMay 21st, 2021  9:07 AM

  • Great article. Thank you!
    I think as middle age approaches you do need more, then into your 60s once again less is more flattering.

    SusanMay 21st, 2021  9:54 AM

  • MMS and amee, I agree. While I try to keep it minimal, I have day products and night products. I wear sunscreen everyday and would prefer to apply that on fresh clean skin.

    KimMay 21st, 2021  9:58 AM

  • Well I’m sorry but not washing your face means that all those actives exfoliating overnight and the work of expensive moisturizers is wasted if you don’t wash your face. I used to be an aesthetician and Kim is right. Oil in your skin is called sebum. The sleep comment is sensible.

    SueMMay 21st, 2021  10:07 AM

  • I could never not wash my face in the morning! Plus, when does she shower?

    AprilMay 21st, 2021  10:43 AM

  • When I was in my 20s I was told to wash my face less often and that advice has served me well. At 59 I have pretty good skin for such a fair complexion. I moisturize often during the day and I’m getting better with sunscreen. The EltaMD UV clear SPF 46 for sensitive skin has been a game changer.

    PrestonMay 21st, 2021  11:18 AM

  • Have never used an eye lash curler in my life… afraid of damaging the healthy lashes… any advice? Also eye creams, at 56, still don’t use them, merely a schemer of bee balm at the sides to soften any tiny fine lines… my skin is too sensitive to so many skin care products. Any great eye creams for hyper reactive, super sensitive and delicate (eye and lip) skin?
    Less is more, always. So many strip the natural epidermal mantle from our complexion, then spend a lifetime trying to re create it.

    JeanMay 21st, 2021  12:03 PM

  • I have lashes that grown downwards, curling mascaras usually work but not for all that long and my eyes just disappear into my face. I just read somewhere that you should curl your lashes daily even if you aren’t going to wear mascara. Much like you’d curl your hair it helps “train” your lashes to point up. I’m giving it a try now that we’re more out & about.

    LauraMay 21st, 2021  12:12 PM

  • She’s gorgeous. The freckles and the eyebrows are to die for.

    LeeMay 21st, 2021  10:08 PM

  • The part about happiness contributing to good skin – I agree, but it’s more a matter of the overall countenance of a happy/content person compared to that of someone who is burdened or grieving. Everything is better when we’re generally happy (and optimistic) – hair, skin, eyes, body, the way we walk, attitude, etc.

    PaulaMay 22nd, 2021  1:11 AM

  • Agree that she has beautiful skin. I don’t agree with not washing your face in the morning, but that’s just me. I read a while back to warm your lash curler with a blow dryer (don’t get it too hot) and then curl your lashes. It works just like a curling iron! Even with very curly hair, my lashes are straight as a board, but this really works wonders for me!

    BrendaMay 22nd, 2021  10:44 AM


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