June 20th, 2021
On My Mind

A Cool Convergence

Father’s Day + the summer solstice = the longest day with (or to remember) dad. My husband is a superb father. Both girls are home for the weekend and we’ll celebrate their dad today and have extra hours of daylight to do so.

  • What a great sentiment. Longest day of the year to celebrate all the great Dads. Your daughters are very lucky!

    LisaJune 20th, 2021  7:25 AM

  • Beautiful thoughts and photos. Hoping it was as warm there today as here. Feel grateful every day that Kev has been a wonderful father (without the “step”) since day one.

    SueMJune 20th, 2021  5:23 PM

  • Charming photos, darling family! Cheers and accolades to the excellent, hard-working, dedicated, devoted, brilliant, funny, kind, strong, courageous, compassionate, loving, and more hard-working fathers out there!

    PaulaJune 21st, 2021  12:20 AM

  • Adorable pictures!

    AprilJune 21st, 2021  11:36 AM


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