June 18th, 2021
On My Mind


In an article in this weekend’s WSJ. Magazine titled ‘Do Not Clean Out Your Closet Right Now. Really.’, Marisa Meltzer makes an excellent argument for not rigorously editing your wardrobe. Ms. Meltzer’s piece supports my favorite mantra #Don’tOverpurge. A few months ago I posted that I’d unearthed this Gucci bag from 1978. Bought on a trip to Rome with my mother and stored for over 30 years, I dug it out and had it refurbished at Artbag. They did a phenomenal job and I’m happily wearing this once beloved hobo again. It’s not just a handbag, it’s a tangible memory of a long ago place and time.

  • I so agree with you. Our closets hold wonderful stories and memories. Enjoy your beautiful bag.

    karenJune 18th, 2021  10:21 PM

  • My closets are full of happy memories, dating from the 90’s, and I couldn’t imagine doing an aggressive housecleaning. When you buy well and only buy things you love, you end up with a well curated wardrobe over many years. The blessing here is that there is still a talented repairman who can restore your lovely bag! And what a great memory!

    Paula C.June 19th, 2021  2:18 AM

  • Curious as to what that cost to have done?

    Paula M.June 19th, 2021  9:22 AM

  • You, more than anyone else I know, has had consistent and classic style since you were quite young, and as a result, bought fabulous things. When I was in my 20’s, I don’t think I’d ever heard of Gucci, nor could I have afforded a bag if I’d wanted one at that age. I have also over the years, made many “mistakes” in purchasing an item, something I wanted to “be me” but wasn’t, or bought for a life I didn’t really have. I’ve let go of those costly mistakes as they languished in my closet and reminded me of errors, so I’ve been glad to let them go. As I’ve aged, I’ve bought much less in quantity, much higher quality, and for the life I actually live. I hope to never have to purge again!

    KathyJune 19th, 2021  1:27 PM

  • It’s a beautiful bag, so glad you were able to have it (and your memory) refurbished. I’m with Kathy, am trying to buy for who I am not who I wish to be. It’s difficult sometimes when I forget I don’t work anymore, super casual is not my thing but I’m getting better….and you’re all helping!

    SueMJune 20th, 2021  6:14 PM


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