July 4th, 2021
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White Looks Right Again

Image left @romans.in.rome

I have not worn white jeans since I ran the White Jeans Series in 2017. They’d stopped looking cool, especially when paired with a colorful top at cocktail parties, etc. But, I’m feeling them again, and love the flare cropped style with a raw edge in a relaxed fit. Ann Mashburn makes the best ones. I cut the hems this morning and I’m channeling Monica de la Villardière above right. With a cream crew-neck sweater and my similar Fendi sandals, it’s a good look — perfect for this chilly Fourth of July.


  • I live in South Florida, home of dowdy white jeans. That said, I still wear them all year round while keeping the cut and styling modern. I love the above pic with the heeled sandal.

    karenJuly 4th, 2021  10:01 AM

  • I love the images you selected for this post. I agree on the Ann Mashburn pair. I think cutting the hem is a great idea. I also am a fan off the off white jean. Mother has a great straight leg version this year called the Tomcat.

    DebbieJuly 4th, 2021  12:32 PM

  • Love both looks and am wearing mine with brown accessories to update (for me it is). The straighter leg also is modern I think. Sorry to hear it’s chilly, we are roasting today. Happy Fourth.

    SueMJuly 4th, 2021  1:20 PM

  • I love a white jean all year long. I cut off all my Mother jeans in a cropped fray since I am short. Also I love her bandana bag. I’ve got to get to Ann Mashburn’s store in Georgetown.

    TracyJuly 4th, 2021  6:00 PM

  • I wear white jeans a lot. My favorite are an unfinished hem pair of demi ankle flares. While I generally don’t like frayed hems, in this case I do. I pair white jeans with black, black tops, tees, sweaters or something jean. In the fall I like to throw a utility green jacket over it.I I’ve attempted the white on white but end up looking like I work in the medical profession- not a bad look just not what I’m going for. Years ago I gave up being cool and dress for what fits my personality and body type.

    RobynJuly 5th, 2021  6:27 AM

  • I’m with you – dislike white jeans with colorful tops. I wear mine with various shades of white and creams.

    KathyJuly 5th, 2021  9:14 AM

  • I always loved the combination of cream and white. I’ve got a bit too much “extra” right now to feel comfortable in white jeans…but that is the goal.

    SharonJuly 5th, 2021  9:22 AM

  • Hi Preston,
    Can you share your technique on how you cut your jeans ?
    I always seem to go too short. Think I’m measuring wrong or something- love both of those looks !

    AmberJuly 5th, 2021  10:16 AM

  • Preston, do you or your readers know of any brands that do white jeans but in a heavier denim? So much of the white denim out there is too stretchy, thin, and practically transparent. Been searching forever!

    KerryJuly 5th, 2021  12:04 PM

  • I am together with Kerry regarding heavier white denim. Love both looks with white denim but am unable to find the pair which isn’t transparent. Thanks beforehand

    ZivileJuly 5th, 2021  1:19 PM

  • I can attest to the Ann Mashburn white flare denim. And yes, I also cut them; they look great very comfortable and great weight. APC has to me the perfect off white denim skirt right now. Also nice length.

    Ellen MarieJuly 5th, 2021  2:44 PM

  • I have some Mother white denim which are medium weight. And some non stretch denim which also tends to be medium weight. Otherwise Zara does cropped flares which are the perfect weight too. The reference is 6147/079.

    MMSJuly 5th, 2021  3:11 PM

  • Love this post, Preston. I came across this image of Emmanuelle Alt today and thought of you. I love the all white paired with a black blazer when the sun goes down.
    All of my jeans are from Everlane and their white denim is thick and rigid. The ’90’s Cheeky Straight Jean and The Original Cheeky Straight Jean are my favorites. The ankle length is perfect for my petite frame.

    MarchelineJuly 5th, 2021  8:35 PM

  • I have not reached for my jeans in a few years too until recently. I wore mine with light caramel brown sweater t and loved that combo, too. I need to find a nice tan brown sandals, thinking about Hermes Oran or YSL Nu Pieds, to elevate the look.
    These days I am wearing a J. Crew demi boot Billy ( I bought it 4 years ago and never wore it until this year) and it is a thicker denim weight, so doesn’t show every dimple and cellulite.

    ameeJuly 6th, 2021  9:48 AM

  • Sounds so simple but agree with Amber post … trick to getting the perfect length! I seem to cut several times and not always satisfied but do love a short look. Any hits? Perfect length? Right above the ankle?

    DebJuly 6th, 2021  11:01 AM

  • For thicker white denim, the Levi’s Premium jeans are very good as well. Much less stretchy than the Ann Mashburn ones (which I also love), but a pleasing, thick fabric. I think the wedgie crop might be the model that best meets the wishes expressed by other readers. The 501 crop might also work. In general, higher cotton content makes for a more substantial jean. Some of the Frame and/or Mother jeans can be thicker, but it varies a lot . I abhor wearing jeans so stretchy one can see the outline of one’s knee caps!

    KIC fanJuly 6th, 2021  9:51 PM

  • Would love to hear recommendations on hem length for both straight and flare leg! With my slim cut white jeans, my rule of thumb was always two inches above my ankle. I’m 5’5″. Does that seem too short? Should flares be slightly longer? About the same? Because I’m not tall, I think it helps to see the slender part of the ankle for some definition.

    PaulaJuly 6th, 2021  10:54 PM

  • White jeans are always a go to! I have the Ann version (also the natural and dark denim in two lengths!). Love them all- except wish waist was more of a midrise but not a big deal

    And I just cut the natural one yesterday to get the frayed edge. Thanks for the tip! I took a pair of jeans that I love length-wise, and put them together to compare. Then just cut. Thanks Preston!

    JenniferJuly 7th, 2021  11:55 AM

  • I love white jeans and wear them year round, but I tend to wear a ‘uniform’ and the same thing since high school (I’m in my mid-40’s). In the Spring/Summer I wear them with a boy’s blue button down or black Lacoste polo with tan or beige suede Tod’s, and in the Fall/Winter with a cream v-neck or light grey turtleneck with Fracap hiking boots or high-cut Vans. I love your site because I get ideas from you on how to kick my uniforms up a notch!

    GeorgieJuly 9th, 2021  5:29 AM


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