July 7th, 2021
Chanel Fall-Winter 2021/22 haute couture collection

Chanel Couture, Sigh

I love the Chanel Fall-Winter 2021/22 haute couture collection that was presented on Tuesday at the entrance to the Palais Galliera in Paris. These shoes and knee-length skirt make my heart sing.

  • those shoes are so chic

    amandaJuly 8th, 2021  6:33 AM

  • I couldn’t help but notice the white jeans with the frayed hems in the background – only after I got over the shoes though !

    AmberJuly 8th, 2021  7:16 AM

  • Hah! I took the screen shot when the model was right in front of those white jeans…

    PrestonJuly 8th, 2021  7:19 AM

  • Fabulous! I loved the end when the bride threw the bouquet! Nice touch!
    Thank you Preston, this made my morning.

    Martha ElenaJuly 8th, 2021  8:48 AM

  • Am I the only one that was put off by the weird hair styling? I had trouble focusing on the clothes . . .

    Paula BJuly 8th, 2021  9:02 AM

  • Those SHOES. I would gladly pay Massaro whatever to make me a pair. They would go with everything.
    Totally agree with you, Preston. This is a timeless, super chic look.

    Fashion came ROARING back this week- my heart was so happy.

    SeverineJuly 8th, 2021  2:38 PM

  • Agree on the shoes – swoon!!! On my list. Love the shapes of the jackets too. Thanks Preston.

    Lisa FJuly 8th, 2021  3:51 PM

  • Agree the hair styling was contrived; likely meant to counter the ‘typical Chanel customer’ brand, which was apparent in the audience. Knee length skirts, gorgeous coats and jackets, charming wedding gown to close the show – it could be a fabulous movie wardrobe from any past decade.

    PaulaJuly 8th, 2021  11:45 PM

  • The SHOES – To die for!!!


    beaJuly 9th, 2021  2:55 PM


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