July 22nd, 2021
On My Mind

Summer Updates

Here are a few of my summer 2021 tweaks: We brought back our favorite cheeses from the Grey Barn in Chilmark — they are available online and make an excellent hostess gift. The week was teeming with family and events so I didn’t get a chance to read. Now back home, I’ve just started The Last Thing He Told Me. It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with Carthusia’s Mediterraneo citrusy scent — perfume, body lotion, and soap — and recently added the candle to my repertoire. Continuing with the citrus theme, ginger limeade is my drink this summer. Here is a good recipe, but Califa Farms is easy and delicious, too. A swimsuit and fisherman knit sweater are my favorite evening-at-the-beach attire. Starting Monday, Tori Jones will have a pop-up on Block Island filled with vintage and one-of-a-kind finds; I reached out to her about these sweaters. And, I finally found shallow, individual wooden salad bowls at an outdoor market on Martha’s Vineyard; they will be perfect with my new white linen tablecloth that I picked up at the Grey Barn.

  • I love the sweaters. So timeless. Also, I am currently reading “The Last Thing He Told Me” too.

    AprilJuly 22nd, 2021  2:08 PM

  • I really love Linen Tales! Now to get the length right…

    LisaJuly 22nd, 2021  3:08 PM

  • I want those fisherman sweaters!!!!

    KarinaJuly 22nd, 2021  3:25 PM

  • Of course you are THE online source for all things chic and up to the moment, but I also love your book , food and drink recommendations!!
    Keep ‘em coming!

    SaraJuly 22nd, 2021  3:36 PM

  • The Last Thing He Told Me mentions our restaurant Poggio in Sausalito! We don’t do garlic bread though!

    JoniJuly 22nd, 2021  4:05 PM

  • Just finished the book and loved it – I read where it’s already being adapted into a movie starring Julie Roberts as the lead. Perfect!

    CatJuly 22nd, 2021  4:13 PM

  • I love these posts where you share the latest and greatest! I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the book. I have a strong opinion, but will hold it until you are finished. There is nothing chicer than a white washed linen tablecloth, thank you for introducing me to Linen Tales. I’m off to measure my dining table and outdoor furniture… Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineJuly 22nd, 2021  4:37 PM

  • I will take the limeade, cheese and one of those sweaters please! And if that table cloth comes in a runner, I’ll take that too!

    TracyJuly 22nd, 2021  7:40 PM

  • Love your site. Fisherman sweaters, wooden bowls and a linen tablecloth all exquisite.

    JeanneJuly 23rd, 2021  11:04 AM

  • I’ve been looking for individual shallow wood bowls for a year – yours are gorgeous. Loved that book and am having a hard time finding another to get into easily. Great sweaters but too itchy for me – how do you do it?

    KathyJuly 23rd, 2021  1:47 PM

  • Great post. But you really had me at “shallow, individual wooden salad bowls..”

    karenJuly 23rd, 2021  5:21 PM

  • Thanks for the Califa recommendation, I’ve been missing the one Blue Print had.

    CBJuly 23rd, 2021  8:49 PM

  • Which outdoor market did you find the bowls?

    STJuly 24th, 2021  11:39 PM

  • Chilmark

    PrestonJuly 25th, 2021  10:11 AM

  • I found the Grey Barn on my way to Menemsha to see the sunset. I was also in Edgartown and got to try the delicious pastries at Atria.

    CBAugust 4th, 2021  5:13 PM


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