July 20th, 2021
On My Mind

I Made The Cut

I bought this Gabriela Hearst skirt in January intending to shorten it. Then I posted that I’d wear it midi-length with heels. But, after months of never reaching for it, off to Alteration Specialists it went. Now, this cotton-drill wrap skirt with matching knit top will be a fall go-to look. Easy peasy.

I, also, shortened an aRossGirl skirt and wear it all the time.

  • I love the shorter length. So chic. Perfect transition look.

    LisaJuly 20th, 2021  8:14 AM

  • I’m also a fan of the shorter length. Looks great!

    DionnaJuly 20th, 2021  8:25 AM

  • The skirt looks perfect in the shorter length!

    TammyJuly 20th, 2021  8:32 AM

  • I love it shorter, great choice!

    KathyJuly 20th, 2021  8:38 AM

  • “…after months of never reaching for it” describes several items in my closet! This is great inspiration for how to make the most of what I already own.

    Lisa MacJuly 20th, 2021  8:41 AM

  • It looks great it either iteration but so easy and chic in the shorter length. I know it’s simple but this idea cannot be overstated for me: easy to wear, looks put together. ❤️

    SueMJuly 20th, 2021  9:05 AM

  • Looks great! May I ask the brand of the sandals in the right pic?

    JenJuly 20th, 2021  9:37 AM

  • Custom K. Jacques Triton

    PrestonJuly 20th, 2021  9:44 AM

  • Brilliant, love the shorter length!

    mojiJuly 20th, 2021  9:49 AM

  • Who is the sweater by?

    ameeJuly 20th, 2021  9:58 AM

  • It looks fabulous! I am so impressed with your discipline to keep track of what you are reaching for, and then doing something about it. Well done!

    BonnyJuly 20th, 2021  10:01 AM

  • Its a great skirt in either length, but I agree with other comments, the shorter length looks more versatile.

    AprilJuly 20th, 2021  10:01 AM

  • The sweater is Gabriela Hearst, matches the skirt.

    PrestonJuly 20th, 2021  10:11 AM

  • Love it both ways! How does one customize KJacques?!!

    lisaJuly 20th, 2021  10:44 AM

  • Super smart tweak! Love it!

    Paula BJuly 20th, 2021  2:30 PM

  • I think the shorter length looks really terrific. I like that you kept the original hem of the skirt….it’s such a good detail!

    AlissaJuly 20th, 2021  4:27 PM

  • The shorter version looks great ~ I much prefer it! Except for late day/evening, I don’t wear a long skirt at all. Midi sounds good in theory, but so hard to move around in for daytime. For daytime, if I’m going to be in something long, it’s going to be pants. Tossing on a longer coat over casual pants/jeans, as in your Feeling Blue post, would be my preference.

    PaulaJuly 21st, 2021  1:31 AM

  • Agreed. I left two aRossGirl silk dresses midi for evening, but the rest got the chop. Getting out of my Mini Cooper in this skirt when long was ridiculous. That blue coat is like a siren song…

    PrestonJuly 21st, 2021  5:49 AM

  • Lisa – you can order custom KJaques on their website! takes a little longer but it is a great option!

    betsyJuly 21st, 2021  7:55 AM

  • Thank you, Lisa, I meant to respond. K. Jacques welcomes customization and my recent order came from France in 10 days.

    PrestonJuly 21st, 2021  8:06 AM

  • Looks great!

    KimJuly 21st, 2021  11:40 AM

  • Much better!

    UCJuly 21st, 2021  4:32 PM

  • The shorter one! It looks so good!

    IsabelJuly 22nd, 2021  1:06 PM


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