August 7th, 2021
On My Mind

An ‘Aha’ Moment

I had an ‘aha’ moment recently when I read a Habitually Chic post on signet ring etiquette. Like Sylvana Ward Durrett in this 2011 Vogue image above, I’ve always worn my signet on my right ring finger and a Cartier Trinity on the adjacent pinky. After reading Heather’s piece, I had my signet ring sized down to wear on the little finger of my left hand, which I now know is customary. I love having it next to my wedding band — feels right. Thanks, HC.

  • What metal is your wedding ring, Preston? I love the idea of the signet ring on the left hand pinky. But my wedding band and engagement ring are set in platinum. I’m wondering if it will feel too much.

    SLynnAugust 8th, 2021  12:56 AM

  • I wore my diamond and platinum engagement ring stacked with diamond eternity bands. Because of this, the setting on my engagement ring wore away and I had the diamonds reset. While at the jeweler, I wore a thin gold band — and I wear it to this day. I love the simplicity and I far prefer yellow gold; so I’m not mixing metals.

    PrestonAugust 8th, 2021  4:14 AM

  • I never wore my family coat of arms signet ring which I inherited from my grandmother but I think I will start to. I always found it a bit pretentious and inadequate in modern times since in Central Europe, it’s mostly associated with a real coat of arms of the family and the house. I have heard it had a great come back in the UK a couple of years ago.

    IsabelAugust 8th, 2021  7:41 AM

  • Edifying. As usual. Thank you once again.

    M K OkayAugust 8th, 2021  8:58 PM

  • I wear my signet ring, which is a charming intaglio showing a child and a dog, on my right ring finger, for the same reason that my wedding bands are platinum and diamond. I encourage Isabel to wear the coat of arms. There is never anything pretentious about a gift from grandmother and family heritage. It’s authentic to who you are. Wear it proudly.

    PaulaAugust 9th, 2021  1:48 AM

  • Thanks as always Preston for sharing your insights. After reading this, I now know what I’m going to do with my grandfather’s signet ring I inherited. The band has snapped from over wear but I think it would be perfect on my pinky.

    LilahOctober 6th, 2021  11:09 AM


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