August 10th, 2021

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Am I going to wear the Bottega Veneta black mesh pumps again? Not sure. However, in the box, tucked beneath the mesh pumps, is a pair of Céline ballerinas from 2015. I’d sent the ballerinas to TheRealReal a few years ago; they were rejected and boomeranged back to me. Oddly, the elastic, that was originally intolerably tight, has eased a bit with time and they are now very comfortable. In a moment of synchronicity, Vogue posted that the ruched ballet flat is back big time.  #Don’tOverPurge

  • The Bottega mesh pumps are a keeper. They will definitely make a come back. A friend recently told me “if it’s an A+ label, don’t get rid of it, if you don’t wear it, someone in the next generation will – daughter, niece, granddaughter …

    Lisa EastmanAugust 10th, 2021  7:12 AM

  • So needed this post today! Doing major home renovations and even though I am an expert at de-cluttering I have the urge to purge. Instead I will box up and wait til I can put things back in their place. I will have a wardrobe wall and new master closet. Certainly I can find a home for most things and learn to love and wear them many more times. Preston to the rescue…again! ❤️

    Amy Thorne RichardsonAugust 10th, 2021  7:14 AM

  • Oddly enough, the same thing happened to me. I just recently found a pair of never worn ruched ballet flats tucked into a seldom used purse. The elastic had been too tight for comfort but was now eased enough to be very comfortable! Lucky for me!

    SLFAugust 10th, 2021  7:38 AM

  • Off to revisit the old Lanvin boxes! Thank you Preston for the idea!

    Stella JonesAugust 10th, 2021  8:32 AM

  • I agree with Lisa! Keep the A+ labels. My Gucci Diana bag is back in a big way!

    KaraAugust 10th, 2021  10:14 AM

  • Such a timely find and happy they fit you now, very cool. I’ve actually been purging due to fit issues that I’ve ignored or forgotten about but that wishing won’t fix. Both scenarios are good because there is no waste and that is one of the best kinds of chic.

    SueMAugust 10th, 2021  10:56 AM

  • Yay! Still own my black Celine ballerinas. Hoping the elastic has eased on mine!

    JoniAugust 11th, 2021  1:20 AM

  • I held on to two pairs and found myself pulling them out when I’ve had to go into the office in the last year. They seem to go with the way I’m dressing these days – mostly working from home but quickly popping out – more relaxed but still wanting to look pulled together.

    GeorgieAugust 11th, 2021  12:53 PM


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