September 17th, 2021
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It’s not always about buying something new to give your wardrobe a bit of oomph, it can be as simple as restyling the pieces you already own. Black and navy have been the combo du jour, but black and brown look good to my eye again. Fair Isle with evening wear is super chic and I plan on copying this concept. And, a button-down under a crewneck sweater is not news, but when the proportions are exaggerated it becomes an instant update on the classic pairing.

@carineroitfeld, Vogue, Gloverall

  • Love the exaggerated proportions on the button down/crew neck sweater combo

    LisaSeptember 17th, 2021  9:17 AM

  • Have always loved black with brown. Would love for you to you to add some brown items to your shopping list

    BraSeptember 17th, 2021  9:28 AM

  • I could never master the shirt peeking from under the sweater look. Doesn’t look polished on a short person like me. I love the rugged and refined mix of chucky fair isle and evening skirt. And Carine is so chic!

    ameeSeptember 17th, 2021  9:44 AM

  • Black and brown was my beloved grandmother’s favorite clothing combination colors. She never wore black leather, so always brown suede, or brown crocodile shoes and bag with black suits. I would love to find a rich brown sweater.

    KathySeptember 17th, 2021  10:11 AM

  • It was my late ’90s/early ’00s go-to combo. Then grey and, more recently, beige paired with black took over my wardrobe.

    PrestonSeptember 17th, 2021  10:36 AM

  • Have been pondering the button down/sweater combo. Now it’s a go!

    MPSeptember 17th, 2021  11:27 AM

  • What a beautiful duffle coat!

    PaulaSeptember 17th, 2021  12:51 PM

  • I love brown with gray too. On the lookout for brown shoes/boots.

    MMSSeptember 17th, 2021  1:38 PM

  • What do you think of the Gloverall versus the St. Laurent duffle in your store?

    StefanieSeptember 17th, 2021  2:37 PM

  • Hmmm… a remix of rugged with a refined tulle skirt. I must give that a try.

    SLFSeptember 17th, 2021  3:10 PM

  • If the Saint Laurent beige duffel coat were knee-length, I would already own it. I have peacoats that length, which is fine, but I like a duffel to be to the knee or just below. I’ve had Gloverall coats since I was a child. They are the real deal and a much kinder price point.

    PrestonSeptember 17th, 2021  4:04 PM

  • These are all timely reminders to look again at what I own. Black and brown, tonal grey. Especially like the styling of larger proportions, trying that immediately.

    SueMSeptember 18th, 2021  3:19 PM

  • Agree on all fronts, Preston! I am in love with Carine’s shoes- do we know the brand?

    SeverineSeptember 19th, 2021  5:54 PM


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