September 7th, 2021
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Eugénie Trochu Inspired

Eugénie Trochu has been appointed head of editorial content at Vogue Paris following the dismissal of editor in chief Emmanuelle Alt.  Trochu, previously a fashion editor and most recently market editor at the publication, will lead Vogue Paris’ editorial operations as it transitions to a more international entity. “Her role is part of a new global editorial strategy that will enable local content in all Vogue markets around the world to reach a new global audience across all platforms.” I’m a fan of Ms. Trochu’s personal style and winning smile and wish her the best of luck.

  • OMG What?!!! Alt is out? I better Google….

    LindySeptember 7th, 2021  5:54 PM

  • Ms. Torchu’s style looks completely original – fresh, sporty, tailored. She’s adorable!
    Hopefully, the mission of Vogue Paris will remain focused on heritage and contemporary French fashion and style. It’s something worth preserving. We can get ‘global this and global that’ anywhere.

    PaulaSeptember 8th, 2021  1:29 AM

  • Eugénie has great style and it will be wonderful to see her vision of Vogue Paris.

    That was one hell of a culling though at CN-wow. I agree with Paula- it’s the uniqueness of each country’s culture that appeals to so many. Hopefully ” global” won’t mean “cookie cutter”. Although, with Edward at the helm as European Editorial, that will not happen. He’s a brilliant stylist and understands culturally where we are as a society and how fashion can be instrumental for making change. Talk about Roaring Twenties….

    SeverineSeptember 8th, 2021  9:18 AM

  • Global stories are a cost cutting measure – CNP has been hemorrhaging money for years. I trust that Edward Enninful will be mindful of the different Vogues’ identities. If this keeps them alive, I’m in. And Eugenie is not just stylish, she is a journalist and a smart choice for this new role.

    PrestonSeptember 8th, 2021  11:31 AM

  • Interesting, insightful comments and your inside knowledge is reassuring. Changing times indeed…

    SusanSeptember 8th, 2021  11:48 AM

  • For me, what kept all of the international Vogue magazines interesting was specifically their devotion to chic, proud-of-their-heritage, beautiful, unique cultural identities! American Vogue, on the other hand, ran as far away as it could from American fashion heritage, decided it would be a mouthpiece for the editor’s personal opinions, and as a result lost its fashion/style identity altogether.

    PaulaSeptember 8th, 2021  5:17 PM

  • I will really miss the Emmanuelle Alt era of Paris Vogue. But fashion is about change and the internet accelerated this change. It will be interesting to see what CN does next because there is talent and experience there. The biggest question now is, will they keep Une Fille, Un Style!?! 🙂

    Sara G.September 8th, 2021  7:23 PM

  • I agree 100% with you, Paula. I started buying American Vogue when I was 18 and was constantly inspired. Now, 45 years later, I’ve stopped buying it. Makes me rather sad to have lost that bit of joy to grab the quiet moment to curl up with a new issue of Vogue, but I’m tired of flipping through it and tossing it in the recycling bin.

    KimSeptember 10th, 2021  12:40 PM

  • Alt was dismissed? What rock am I living under? Wasn’t she at PV since she was very young?
    I am 100% rooting for Eugenie, she is young and they prob want that perspective.
    However I do not think her personal style is great. The images shown here are more elevated than she normally looks. She is typically dressed very boho but not in a high taste level way. Alt, Saglio and Hung all have that similar Paris Vogue look that I loved. Maybe Eugenie will bring a new perspective and freshness. The fashion editorials were looking redundant year after year and one could easily tell who styled them without checking for the name. Just my 2 cents!

    Freud of FashionSeptember 10th, 2021  3:45 PM


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