September 22nd, 2021
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Adding Beauty Every Day

Yesterday, I went to hear Aerin Lauder talk about her book Entertaining Beautifully. Even though I’d bought a copy for myself and gave it as a hostess gift to numerous friends last fall, Aerin drove home a point that I’d missed — add a bit of beauty every day, especially for yourself. Use your grandmother’s silver at breakfast in the kitchen and your finest china for afternoon tea just for yourself.  I’ve pushed myself to not save handbags, etc., rather, to wear and enjoy them right out of the shopping bag. This needs to apply to my stacks of linen napkins, tablecloths, and inherited silver and china. Here’s to adding a bit of beauty every day.

  • We use our silver every day as I totally subscribe to Erin’s way of thinking. Every day should be special ♥️

    BeaSeptember 22nd, 2021  8:09 AM

  • Cheering Hip-Hip-Hooray for this post! I wholeheartedly believe in both adding to and living IN beauty each and every day.
    Thanks for this fun post.

    Hollye JacobsSeptember 22nd, 2021  8:14 AM

  • Eighteen years ago when our then fifteen year old daughter was the last of our three still at home , we started having a family breakfast every morning , we hoped we were grounding her in fact she was grounded ! Anyway we moved breakfast from the kitchen to a small table at the window in the dining room . I used our china , silver and linen . Of course she hated it but we persevered. Now with everyone out of the house for the last thirteen years we still have breakfast every morning with china , linen and silver . I believe the daily beauty of it it grounds us .

    Brooke GarberSeptember 22nd, 2021  9:15 AM

  • So on board with this!

    disneyrollergirlSeptember 22nd, 2021  9:37 AM

  • You are timely as ever and these are beautiful, loving sentiments. When the girls were growing up we insisted on having everyone eat together in the dining room (we went back to it when they stayed with us at times during Covid) but of course since they’ve left my husband and I never think of it. Why not? Is our connection any less important? Of course not so I am resolved. Love Brooke’s story and will be inspired.

    SueMSeptember 22nd, 2021  10:06 AM

  • Thank you for this wonderful post! Our motto at Kneen & Co has always been – bring joy to everyday living. Enjoying the littles things you do everyday like drinking your morning coffee out of a wonderful porcelain cup and stirring it in with a beautiful silver spoon can make a difference. You’ve inspired me to pull my new handbag out of the box and use it today!

    Mary Jeanne KneenSeptember 22nd, 2021  10:32 AM

  • I think it’s an important concept, and also speaks to the idea, that everything in your home should feel special and beautiful. It doesn’t have to be fine china (that needs hand washing) or silver (that needs polishing) ~ so many beautiful dishes and flatware that are dishwasher safe, and cloth napkins and tablecloths that don’t need ironing. These were some of the upgrades I made to my home since the pandemic. I also put garden herbs in tiny vases on the table if I don’t have any flowers to cut from our garden.

    KathySeptember 22nd, 2021  10:42 AM

  • My tip: move the fine china out of the dining room china cabinet, and into the kitchen cupboards with the rest of the plates. I now remember to use it often.

    EBSeptember 22nd, 2021  11:22 AM

  • totally agree! married 15 years now and i can still remember when i picked out my china at bloomingdales in sherman oaks, ca. it was the audun collection from villeroy & boch. we use it daily.
    i’ve lost a mug and crystal goblets have cracked and i’ve replaced them. life is too short to eat out of paper plates!

    myda y.September 22nd, 2021  12:50 PM

  • Preston, what a great post. We have been using family silver for years. We hand wash it. If you use it regularly, it doesn’t need to be polished.

    Pamela TaftSeptember 22nd, 2021  2:02 PM

  • I agree! Elevate your everyday

    AprilSeptember 22nd, 2021  2:21 PM

  • I so agree with using the “good stuff” regularly. Too often, after a family member passes away, items that were too precious to use are found. Use it! Wear it! Wear it out! And have fun doing it.

    RebeccaSeptember 22nd, 2021  3:16 PM

  • Some years ago, I went so far as to clear out all the ‘kitchen’ glasses, instead storing most of our crystal bar ware/stemware in its place. I also keep a set of china dishes out on a sturdy tray, on a big pine farm table in the family room, close at hand for weeknight dinners. As someone who loves tabletop furnishings, and started collecting at a young age, I’ve always used them for everyday. Committing to linens, and quickly pressing them, was my idea of a ‘lifestyle choice.’ We are struck by our young neighbors having (junk food) meals delivered routinely in cardboard and plastic – the same generation who preaches and votes based on ‘environmental issues.’ Martha Stewart reminded women to live beautifully in the 80’s. Ms. Lauder has offered sage advice to a new generation. She’s lovely inside and out.
    …Writing from Paris tonight, where I am reminded what living beautifully in one’s public life looks like. Americans have a whole lot of personal cleaning up to do.

    PaulaSeptember 22nd, 2021  4:49 PM

  • Well, this post showed up right on time. For the last year or so, my husband and I have been dutifully working in our home offices, Chris iin his honest to goodness office, and me at my corner desk in the bedroom. We’ve just been fixing lunch and camping at our desk for the meal. Even as I’ve gone back to my “real” office two days a week, I’ve slipped into the lunch at my desk rut on my telework days.
    I’m going to propose really taking a break at lunch on my telework days, and having lunch together in the dining room.
    Let’s see if I can pry him from his desk.
    Thanks, Preston!

    SharonSeptember 22nd, 2021  8:47 PM

  • Beautiful images! Heartwarming that for so many celebrating every day is important. Dear Paula, enjoy Paris!

    IsabelSeptember 23rd, 2021  1:41 AM

  • Love this post! Enjoy your special things everyday-because every day is special.

    karenSeptember 23rd, 2021  6:55 AM


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