September 24th, 2021
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Hermès Café Clogs

Do I need the Hermès clogs in café? Nope. Do I want them? Yep. But, I think I prefer them with a dark brown sole, like the ones on @alexandragolovanoff below. I suspect that hers are the runway version and were a gift from the designer.

  • Me too! How do I get them?

    DebbieSeptember 24th, 2021  10:13 AM

  • Know these clogs are making you happy!

    Helen PennoyerSeptember 24th, 2021  10:36 AM

  • Ohhh—I feel you. I want them also. The Hermes clogs are so comfortable that I could wear them everyday with almost everything. Collective sigh.

    RonicaSeptember 24th, 2021  10:37 AM

  • Preston (and KIC community)- have you ever tried the Penelope Chilvers low horse bit clog? Great price point and look lovely online but don’t know how they fit or look in person. Would love some feedback. Not going to lie, those Hermes chocolate clogs make me drool.

    heleneSeptember 24th, 2021  10:37 AM

  • You absolutely need them! Love the dark sole.

    LisaSeptember 24th, 2021  11:12 AM

  • If you cannot find the others, you can take these in and have your local cobbler dye the sole I have used this trick on other soles

    SharonSeptember 24th, 2021  11:18 AM

  • Collective Sigh is right!
    Those are stunning. They have been thankfully sold out every time I checked for my size, so I haven’t had to make any justification…but heart swoons for a chocolate clog with a dark sole.

    MelissaSeptember 24th, 2021  11:29 AM

  • I also am curious about the Penelope Chivers. I bought and returned the Isabel Marant clog. It was gorgeous but way too wide for me.

    DebbieSeptember 24th, 2021  12:42 PM

  • I agree the brown on brown looks more refined. You can stain the wood yourself, too. Although at the price they are, I don’t think one should have to make any alteration.

    ameeSeptember 24th, 2021  1:34 PM

  • LOVE LOVE. Too bad they are impossible to find!

    AbigailSeptember 24th, 2021  2:51 PM

  • These clogs are are causing me pure agony. I want them too! I was never able to get the beige. Now these! And no size 6.

    TracySeptember 24th, 2021  2:54 PM

  • I’m sorry Tracy, they had sizes 35 – 39 when I put up the post this morning.

    PrestonSeptember 24th, 2021  3:05 PM

  • Preston you are officially a clog enabler now lol. I remember you posting about Penelope Chilvers ages ago but maybe it was the ankle boot. The dark sole is very appealing darn it.

    SueMSeptember 24th, 2021  3:46 PM

  • Good morning – do you find the clogs comfortable? Thank you

    LisaSeptember 24th, 2021  4:05 PM

  • Yes, very comfortable. I flew up to Portland, Maine yesterday to have dinner with my agent and wore them wandering around for a few hours — no complaints.

    PrestonSeptember 24th, 2021  4:07 PM

  • Only available in full sizes. I’m a 6 in Hermes loafers. Should I size up or down?

    Elizabeth VelasquezSeptember 24th, 2021  6:01 PM

  • I’m a 7.5 and the 37 is perfect

    PrestonSeptember 24th, 2021  6:24 PM

  • I have the Penelope Chilvers in all black with the silver hardware. They run small. I’m a US 9 and 40 is perfect. They have a narrower profile than most clogs – which I happen to like. They are also super comfortable. My only complaint is that the “horsebit” hardware can rattle a bit when you walk. HTH.

    MariaSeptember 24th, 2021  8:58 PM

  • I was able to try on the 37 and 39 in black at the Hermes store yesterday. I am between a 7.5 and 8 with a narrow foot. The 37 almost fit. I could have gotten away with it but my heel was right at the end. What I loved was that the clogs work for a narrow fit much better than others I have tried (Isabel Marant, Gucci, No.6.). I was told they are getting a “greenish colored” pair at the store but not the brown. That is only online. Now that I have seen the dark sole one, of course that is what I am craving.

    DebbieSeptember 25th, 2021  8:18 AM

  • Love the brown with the brown sole. I am relieved they can’t be found!

    Back when the Hermes clogs were first discussed, I ordered a pair of clogs from an Etsy vendor who was mentioned here. Very reasonable…but they remain unworn. I will revisit them this fall.

    SharonSeptember 25th, 2021  9:19 AM

  • They must be super comfortable if they passed the horrible cobblestone Portland sidewalks test ; )

    LauraSeptember 25th, 2021  12:47 PM

  • I was going to mention that the cobblestones were a bit of a challenge, but they’re a challenge for most footwear…

    PrestonSeptember 25th, 2021  1:35 PM

  • I was just looking at Khaite’s black Lucca clog. Lovely! However, I’m having flashbacks to when I wore the good old Dr. Scholl’s back in my HS days and how uncomfortable they got on my high arches. Hate to spend $1100 for shoes that are painful. Isabel Marant’s Thalie clogs are so similar to the Khaite’s and a fraction of the cost. Maria, thank you for the endorsement of the Penelope Chilvers.

    KimSeptember 25th, 2021  4:07 PM

  • Tracy, not sure of your foot size, but I am a true 6.5 and the Hermes 37 was a perfect fit. That size is still available.

    gail c.September 25th, 2021  5:39 PM

  • Thanks Gail! You’re a doll to try and help me out. I really do need that 6 though. My true shoe size is 5.5.

    TracySeptember 25th, 2021  11:37 PM

  • Stalking Hermes and the clog is now back in many sizes in the brown and beige. Wish they had the brown with dark brown sole though. I may try for the black. I like the same color top and bottom.

    DebbieOctober 4th, 2021  5:25 PM


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