September 27th, 2021
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A good dress is a beautiful thing, and this vintage Calvin Klein on Rebecca Longendyke is my idea of perfection. Miuccia Prada’s headscarf and gold bracelet are the epitome of chic. And the belt over the untucked shirt is a nice old-school look.

Images © Vogue and @parisiensinparis

  • Long ago I would wear a belt over my shirts – thanks for the reminder, going to try it again.

    KathySeptember 27th, 2021  10:06 AM

  • I need that dress! Who makes it please?

    JosieSeptember 27th, 2021  10:38 AM

  • If I knew I would’ve listed the designer.

    PrestonSeptember 27th, 2021  10:48 AM

  • Thank you for the post! Love seeing Miuccia, she
    is so inspiring. Also love the belt over the shirt. Reminds me I need to keep in mind finding a classic belt!

    WandaSeptember 27th, 2021  10:50 AM

  • At closer look, the ”dress” almost looks like a super fitted coat…something about the sleeves at the wrist. Want it regardless!

    MargaretSeptember 27th, 2021  12:17 PM

  • Lower photo is such a great reminder to check the view from the back before leaving home. This is the ideal!

    PaulaSeptember 27th, 2021  5:55 PM

  • Gah that dress is perfection, can imagine wearing it constantly. Miuccia just gets better and is a total inspiration. Thank you for continuing to read my mind.

    SueMSeptember 27th, 2021  6:49 PM

  • That dress is perfect…love the buttons on top and on the skirt in the same shade as the fabric and the welted seams.

    SharonSeptember 28th, 2021  7:42 AM

  • Everything about that picture of Miuccia is perfection – I am obsessed with that sweater / skirt combo!!

    BetsySeptember 28th, 2021  9:54 AM

  • The photo of Rebecca is after the Ferragamo show so maybe it’s by Ferragamo?

    MMSSeptember 29th, 2021  2:29 PM


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