October 4th, 2021
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More Fall Reads

I’m trying to finish Sally Rooney’s Beautiful Life, Where Are You? before Jonathan Franzen’s new novel, Crossroads, comes out tomorrow — I’ve been asked to lead the discussion on it at book club next month.  Slim Aarons: Style, co-authored by my friend Kate Betts, is available October 19 — I can never get enough of his pictures. “In the summer of 1971, Michael Lesy and a friend found most of the snapshots in Snapshots 1971–77 in a dumpster behind a gigantic photo-processing plant in San Francisco. The photos were in the trash because the machines that printed them made them so fast — duplicates, triplicates, quadruplicates — that the people on the processing line couldn’t stop them.” I just picked up Snapshots 1971-77 and it is such a cool idea. And the second issue of Vogue Scandinavia and the new issue of The Gentlewoman are winging their way to me.

  • I didn’t finish Beautiful Life, Where Are You – felt like a slog after her other two novels which I loved. Just pre-ordered Crossroads, thanks for the head’s up! There’s a really beautiful home book called Scandi Rustic by Rebecca Lawson, which I think you’d love for home inspiration.

    KathyOctober 4th, 2021  2:42 PM

  • I’m struggling with Beautiful Life, Where Are You?, too, and doubt I’ll finish it. Need to read Rooney’s first book, everyone raves about it. Thanks for Scandi Rustic, I will absolutely pick it up.

    PrestonOctober 4th, 2021  2:45 PM

  • I completely forgot that Franzen has a new book coming out. He is one of my favorite authors. I also can’t get enough of Slim Aaron’s

    LisaOctober 4th, 2021  3:29 PM

  • I recently finished ‘Beautiful World, Where Are You’, but it was a struggle. It just wasn’t for me. It was my first read by Sally Rooney and I’m trying to figure out if I should give her earlier novels a try or not. Snapshots 1971-77 sounds fascinating and I’m excited to order. Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineOctober 4th, 2021  4:02 PM

  • I rarely stop a novel midway through, but I just couldn’t continue Beautiful Life, Where are You. For so many reasons that I won’t go into. I liked not loved Normal People, but was glad I read it.

    RobynOctober 5th, 2021  5:38 AM

  • Just read a sample of Beautiful Life and wasn’t for me but that’s the great thing about books, doesn’t have to be. Slim Aarons is a must and thanks for the heads up about Vogue. Will absolutely look for that snapshots book, what a intriguing concept.

    SueMOctober 5th, 2021  9:10 AM


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