December 16th, 2021
PF22 Collections

Christian Dior: A Really Good Dress

I have two events today and this Dior PF22 dress would be perfect for the first. I love the lace peeking out at the bottom, keeps the dress from veering a bit mumsy.

  • really good. love it

    AbigailDecember 16th, 2021  10:25 AM

  • The tailoring, the belt, the length— all so perfect.

    karenDecember 16th, 2021  12:34 PM

  • Hello Preston, there’s nothing mumsy about this dress. Gorgeous. Someone was paying attention to detail.

    SuWuDecember 16th, 2021  2:02 PM

  • Love it! I also hope Zara does a version of this dress so I can afford it lol

    Habitually ChicDecember 16th, 2021  3:22 PM

  • What’s the ballpark price of a dress like this? Time to reread Mrs Harris Goes to Paris.

    James FrankDecember 16th, 2021  4:31 PM

  • I love the touch of lace. Details, details,,,

    AprilDecember 16th, 2021  4:52 PM

  • I love it. Also would need the bag and the ring!

    SarahDecember 16th, 2021  7:22 PM

  • Dior simply creates gorgeous dresses for daytime and evening. If I were on ‘The Price is Right’ I would say $6000.

    PaulaDecember 17th, 2021  2:26 AM


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