December 21st, 2021
On My Mind

Welcome Winter

Winter isn’t coming, it’s here. Today is the winter solstice and the days will, thankfully, start to get longer. Yesterday, I posted this picture of myself and it was really nice to hear from designer Tracy Watts, who I bought the kerchief from 30 some-odd years ago, Penelope Chilvers, designer of my beloved and well-worn Incredible Boots, and Ellie Hawke, Head of Chanel PR and sender of the beyond fabulous Large Shopping Bag. Right now, the tote is stuffed with an extra sweater (Heidi Wynne’s fisherman knits are gorgeous), Joos Tricot cashmere caps, which are very soft and warm, and Hestra mittens — my hands get too cold for gloves and I can tuck a hand warmer in a mitten. Welcome winter!

  • So many cute things to get cozy in. Up at our place in the Adirondacks I live in my PC Incredible Boots, too!

    MPDecember 21st, 2021  12:14 PM

  • You look very cozy in the photo! I think that I could not wear the bonnet-these just remind me of a baby bonnet and I am too many years from that! I do want a nice balaclava, preferably cashmere with cables, but have not found one yet, although I found a great knitting pattern for one! And, I have always loved Scandinavian mittens- the use of 2 yarns for the pattern essentially gives them a double thickness, so they are warm.

    RebeccaDecember 21st, 2021  12:27 PM

  • You make me wish I lived where it snows!

    LisaDecember 21st, 2021  12:28 PM

  • Thank you, Preston! And I love your head scarf! Happy Holidays and hope to see you in the New Year! xoxo, Heidi

    Heidi WynneDecember 21st, 2021  2:43 PM

  • Love everything in this post, and you look fabulous. Deciding which mittens to order for me as it’s in the 30-40s in Ojai and everyone is only socializing outside.

    KathyDecember 21st, 2021  7:47 PM

  • Adorable! Look at you in your adorable head scarf and lovely LONG hair! Chic is personal, individual, and self-stylized. Have the merriest of Christmases, Preston!

    PaulaDecember 21st, 2021  7:49 PM

  • My husband likes strong hints at Christmastime ~ so today I received the box of High Camp Gardenias with the white candle, stems and loose blossoms . . . I’ve situated them in proper vessels and bowls and am now just enjoying the fragrance and milky, velvety Gardenias – the first blossom corsage I ever received. It’s a sweet and quiet gift, I wanted to give them a shout out and a thank you from a lucky recipient. Sensory gifts are truly special!

    PaulaDecember 21st, 2021  7:56 PM

  • Preston, I love all of the cozy winter accessories and boots and although I live in Texas, I am very cold natured and need the warm items to be comfortable in the winter. Would you mind terribly sharing what are the leggings that you are wearing? Happy Christmas and New Year Preston, your blog is very enjoyable. Thank you for all of the work that you put in to it.

    SherryDecember 22nd, 2021  3:35 AM

  • Hi Sherry- lululemon leggings, but I also wear American Eagle leggings.

    PrestonDecember 22nd, 2021  6:46 AM

  • I love those mittens and the Penelope Chilvers boots are so warm. This post is making me miss Barney’s because they had the best winter accessories ever.

    TracyDecember 22nd, 2021  8:47 AM

  • Thank you Preston, I will definitely try them out. xo

    SherryDecember 23rd, 2021  2:43 AM

  • Hey Preston, thanks to your inspirational post, I broke down and treated myself to the Chanel Deauville tote bag. Fabulous!! Happy New Year! xx

    Colleen SellersDecember 29th, 2021  5:17 PM


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