January 1st, 2022
On My Mind

Easing Into 2022

If there’s one thing I’m certain of, it’s that 2021 was far better than 2020. This gives me hope that 2022 will be even better yet. However, last year I adopted a few good habits that I resolve to continue into the new year — I wrote more letters, took a real interest in skincare, and added a bit of glam to my everyday accessories. To reinforce this resolution, I plan to visit my beloved Pineider stationers’ recently opened shop in NYC, scheduled a facial where they use the highly recommended Biologique Recherche products, and will continue to wear oversized sunglasses and a crystal-pavé ring, which have added a bit of pizzazz to my runaround uniform.

Wishing everyone a very happy new year!

  • Happy New Year to you , Preston, and all KIC community.
    I think 2021 was a good year, and look forward to an even better one!

    AprilJanuary 1st, 2022  9:14 AM

  • A very Happy New Year to you and your family Preston xo

    KathyJanuary 1st, 2022  9:43 AM

  • Happy New Year, to you and this community. I agree that 2021 was better, and I’m hopeful about 2022. A Pinedir in NYC is very exciting! I’m going to look for it today. It should be a nice excuse to take a stroll in the city. Thank you.

    KIC fanJanuary 1st, 2022  10:00 AM

  • Happy New Year Preston and the KiC community, all the best in 2022 and what a great starting point you have given us. We can all use oversized sunglasses and pizazz!
    BG is the OG (sorry) in skin care, I am sure you and your skin will love it.
    My sister was a thoughtful letter writer and superb at staying in touch with everyone in her life on a daily basis so if I may use the dreaded word “resolution” mine is to follow her and your excellent example.
    Oh and I’ll probably add a scarf with the sunglasses.

    SueMJanuary 1st, 2022  10:03 AM

  • Wishing you Preston, and the KIC community a happy new year!

    karenJanuary 1st, 2022  10:19 AM

  • Wishing you and your KIC followers all the best in 2022!

    SusanJanuary 1st, 2022  11:06 AM

  • Wishing Preston and everyone KIC the happiest New Year!
    In the past year, with two weddings, one home and one abroad, I’ve been swimming in stationary, engraving, calligraphy, and pretty postage. It all makes life more beautiful and a joy to check the mailbox.
    This blue Pineider is wonderful.

    PaulaJanuary 1st, 2022  8:30 PM


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