March 24th, 2022
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Personal Vintage

I was joking with a friend yesterday that I should turn kic into my own personal vintage site since I’ve been wearing a lot of really old pieces lately. But, that’s the goal — to wear what I have for as long as I can. This came up because we both have the A Ross Girl skirt left and I sent her this picture of it shortened to my knee. She asked about the sweater, which is J. Crew early aughts (maybe late ’90s even), as are the Prada kitten heel pumps. The grey wool Miu Miu skirt right, one of my most beloved pieces of clothing, is circa 2002. Hopefully, the Saint Laurent chain belt helps keep everything from looking too dug-out-of-a-bin.

  • With or without the Saint Laurent belt, there is not a slightest allusion to dug-out-of-a-bin. Looking fabulous, Preston! Thank you for your fantastic blog.

    ZivileMarch 24th, 2022  7:54 AM

  • None of it looks “dug out of a bin”! Every piece is timeless.

    LisaMarch 24th, 2022  8:13 AM

  • Looks fabulous, you are an inspiration. I love buying less, buying quality and keeping it forever !

    SusanMarch 24th, 2022  8:45 AM

  • Love it! Some day you must see my closet. I have Prada shoes from 1986, Chanel from 1987 and more. Prada was not even in the US then. Maybe we can collaborate on the vintage site!

    ADMarch 24th, 2022  8:56 AM

  • hi, what beige Mary Jane shoe are you wearing? thanks

    SioMarch 24th, 2022  9:37 AM

  • Your outfits are always so beautiful.
    Which makes me curious, do you ever buy a trendy or fast fashion item from zara or h&m? I’m just wondering how very tasteful and stylish people integrate these types of pieces.
    Thank you for kic!

    LauraMarch 24th, 2022  9:38 AM

  • Chloé Perry pumps from 2017

    PrestonMarch 24th, 2022  9:47 AM

  • It’s a date, AD!

    PrestonMarch 24th, 2022  9:51 AM

  • Great idea and re-use and re-style is what is needed and a good thing. Shop your closet..keep classics going unless they are ratty [use old jeans for gardening]. Put one seasons clothes away carefully in a container with a label. I can’t wear heels anymore but purchase nice loafers to use over a couple of years. The beige outfit wold be great with jewelry or a nice scarf!

    DeeMarch 24th, 2022  11:52 AM

  • Really – you should write a book with the title of your hashtag “ Don’t Over-Purge”! Personal vintage would also be a great title! You wonderfully detail a fashion journey of cherishing well made classics and at the same time embracing soon to be classics for an updated style. As a fellow collector, your posts and pictures provide validation and inspiration!

    WiniMarch 24th, 2022  4:48 PM

  • Love this post I am a keeper too . The best is my old Lanvin had dates in the label !! Thank you Preston !!

    Brooke GarberMarch 24th, 2022  7:23 PM

  • Still wear.Brooks Bros wool coat circa…..1986!!!!

    SharonMarch 25th, 2022  7:16 AM

  • Love the JCrew sweater, have the same one in a different color! I almost let it go this past year but decided not to. Thank you for giving it a new perspective.

    LauraMarch 29th, 2022  7:13 PM


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