April 1st, 2022
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Thank you, Gail, for mentioning Bon, a boutique in Tucson, Arizona that carries hats similar to Kendall’s. I reached out to the owners — Bonnie and Crystal Flynt — and, hopefully, the hats will be back in stock end of April. The raffia tote is on its way to me.

  • You are so welcome, Preston! I am so happy that because of your post so many more will be able to enjoy Bon and all the beautiful and unique items they sell. I live in Alabama and came upon the shop a while back when I was searching for the Moroccan hats and I am now a regular customer.

    gail c.April 1st, 2022  11:57 AM

  • Every visit to Bon is a delight and inspiration. Bonnie, Crystal, and Jenny offer beauty and love. A visit to Bon is an elixir of joy for the spirit, home, and wardrobe! Thrilled you found them, and now I’ve discovered you!

    Cheryl PickrellApril 2nd, 2022  12:40 PM

  • Jerome Dreyfuss made some really cute totes and bags in raffia too. I am totally crushing on the Leon Tote.

    TracyApril 4th, 2022  10:01 AM

  • I have an Isabel Marant bag in the kic shop that is so similar to a Jerome Dreyfuss (IM’s husband) bag that I own, I have to wonder if he is designing her bags.

    PrestonApril 4th, 2022  10:15 AM

  • It does look like one of his bags. I am sure you’re on to something.

    TracyApril 4th, 2022  8:19 PM

  • For anyone still interested in the Moroccan hats, they are currently in stock at https://bon-boutique.com/collections/wardrobe/products/woven-moroccan-hat

    gail c.May 11th, 2022  5:53 PM


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