April 6th, 2022
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Rainy Days

It’s been raining A LOT. I have a beloved trench, but it’s long and not ideal for getting in and out of the car. When I spied this Burberry poncho a lightbulb went off in my head. I’ve always loved rain ponchos and still have one (even though it’s unwearable) from Marc’s second collection for Louis Vuitton. The bucket hat is good, too.

  • Such a great colour on both and I also love a good poncho, just brought out my black rag and bone. Bucket hats are about the only hat that looks good on me so will check this one out.

    SueMApril 6th, 2022  9:15 AM

  • I bought the short version of the Prada raincoat you posted last year and it is perfect for this time of year – I end up wearing it every day. The sleeves are huge so it’s similar to the poncho concept; it fits over a blazer or really anything else.

    LaurenApril 6th, 2022  1:08 PM

  • I loved that Prada raincoat, never thought about the short version – brilliant. Roomy sleeves sound great, too.

    PrestonApril 6th, 2022  1:23 PM

  • I have one from Woolrich that’s a mini cape I purchased 4 years ago that is great. I love anything with hood for the rain. I also have this thing for those McQueen umbrellas. I love them.

    TracyApril 6th, 2022  3:49 PM

  • Thank you Preston!. I love ponchos and this is so much prettier than any one I’ve ever seen. I like them for myriad reasons, one being if you have a bag you do not want to get wet ,you can tuck it under the poncho.

    StephaniesApril 6th, 2022  9:55 PM

  • The Burberry poncho is very cute, but it is 100% cotton and therefore would not work as a rain poncho- you would be soaked if not also using an umbrella. Canada Goose has a rain poncho that is both functional and stylish; you wouldn’t require an umbrella for this one.

    RebeccaApril 7th, 2022  2:12 PM


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