April 15th, 2022
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Sunglasses & Scents

Sunglasses and perfumes have been my obsession pretty much since we settled into the pandemic. Probably, because I don’t feel guilty owning a number of either. These Cartier glasses are kind of groovy and most likely not me — but I’ll try them nonetheless. And a deep dive into the world of Creed is a field trip I’m looking forward to.

  • The sunglasses obsession is real. They are such a great way to add zazz and I need them everyday rain or shine so also no guilt. Would love to hear about your field trip, scents are a necessity and I love geeking out on formulations.

    SueMApril 15th, 2022  12:47 PM

  • Can’t wait to hear what you think about Wind Flowers. I love floral perfumes. Inflorescence by Byredo is my very favorite.
    Springtime love, Pamela

    Pamela TaftApril 15th, 2022  3:33 PM

  • Try them, I think they would look great on you. Mind you, your Rockville, Maryland doppelgänger had on aviators. This is another reason why I thought it was you.

    TracyApril 15th, 2022  8:46 PM

  • I have always valued sunglasses and outerwear as the two most important items in the closet ~ anyone can look amazing
    with a beautiful pair of sunglasses (lipstick is only makeup needed!) and a great jacket or coat! No danger of too many sunglasses. I recently had prescription lenses added to an inexpensive pair of sunglasses (Capri, c. 2011).
    Pamela, my prized floral fragrance is a lovely Guerlain: Cruel Gardenia. I also like Krigler’s Classic Lovely Patchouli (not at all what you would expect from the name!).

    PaulaApril 16th, 2022  1:28 AM


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