April 19th, 2022
On My Mind

Travel Gear Update

After a quick trip to Paris fall 2019, I planned to update my carry-on and had a Rimowa Original Cabin in the cart. But, as we all know, travel came to a screeching halt just a few months later and both trips to London were scuttled — first by Delta, second by Omicron. Now, with a trip to Rome in two weeks, I’m back to looking at luggage and a dedicated crossbody bag. The Rimowa and medium Saint Laurent Charlie may be the answer to both.

  • The YSL cross body is perfection!

    LisaApril 19th, 2022  9:21 AM

  • I would love to hear more about how you are a “great packer” as I am not! I’d love to see what you pack for a long weekend and how it fits. I love the combo you have above. Do you think the stiffness of the Rimowa and the SL Charlie will limit you?

    MaryBApril 19th, 2022  9:24 AM

  • Any tips for Rome? Going soon.

    SusanApril 19th, 2022  9:53 AM

  • I use International Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On
    At 7.8 pounds, I can stow it overhead without depending on the kindness of strangers! Also a Tumi backpack in black—great product, monogram included, laptop compartment, doesn’t attract attention.

    ToryApril 19th, 2022  10:01 AM

  • Like MaryB – I love the combo you have in the photo. I almost always pack carry on, but (after trying Rimowa which was unforgiving of extras) went back to a soft T. Anthony and always use a tote as my “handbag” so I can stuff more in, and pack a small crossbody to use while I’m “there”.

    KathyApril 19th, 2022  10:39 AM

  • Love, love, love there Rimowa in Titanium! What hotel do you like in Rome?

    LeslieApril 19th, 2022  10:43 AM

  • Switched over to Rimowa 10 years ago before they raised the prices (the matte colors are a little less flashy) and they’ve been really sturdy and have the smoothest ‘glide’ over the others. I was so sold after many trips checking in glass carafes/ceramics – the mesh divider is amazing for stashing fragile items if you don’t want to hand carry a shopping bag. I do wish I bought the carry-on with the laptop sleeve to eliminate the need for a bulky work bag. I love their Essential Trunk size for check-ins – the size somehow makes my packing more organized and it’s a space saver in hotel rooms.

    GeorgieApril 19th, 2022  10:56 AM

  • Can we all get a full packing list from you for a EU trip? To check a bag or not? How many outfits, etc

    KarinaApril 19th, 2022  12:17 PM

  • Like Kathy I use a tote and stash a small crossbody inside. I am a fan of Away’s Bigger Carryon which has a hard body but has some give/flexibility where the zipper meets. It rolls over cobblestone streets perfectly. I always find enough room to stuff in a few souvenirs. Love the laundry bag that comes folded into it. Super light weight.

    SLFApril 19th, 2022  12:47 PM

  • Love the YSL Charlie! Please get it and share pic!!

    DebbieApril 19th, 2022  1:02 PM

  • I don’t know if there’s enough space here to fit my similar ruminations. Going to Gothenburg and London in summer. Have my new Away in orange to check and stuck on what other bag to bring. I have a great large leather tote for carryon but it’s too big as a purse. Was thinking about a Saint Laurent raffia teddy or buy a small crossbody. Let us know if you like the Charlie. Must be excited about Rome, enjoy!

    SueMApril 19th, 2022  1:18 PM

  • I have a Rimowa carry-on in gold. It rolls incredibly well. I can actually pack quite a bit into it-up to 4-5 days worth of clothes.
    The downside is no outside pocket for a book or laptop. Also, I make sure that I won’t need to check it as I don’t want dents (although supposedly this gives the luggage character). I use large Fendi peekaboo (in a different color for every season) as my tote. It holds the work laptop, ipad, book, etc. The wider decorative straps turn these into a comfortable crossbody (but I’m not tall). Peekaboo handles fit nicely over the Rimowa handle. For check-in, I believe in a generic bag. I don’t want to be the target of theft of items from the bag.

    RebeccaApril 19th, 2022  1:44 PM

  • I’ve begun travelling with a “belt bag” worn cross body with the bag at my chest. It securely carries cash and documents, and fits easily under outerwear. Preston, finding beautiful versions of this is the holy grail, and your help is welcomed!

    CatherineApril 19th, 2022  2:28 PM

  • I travel for business and can go a week long trip with my Rimowa Original Cabin. I can pack 2 blazers, 5 shirts, 3 pair of slacks and two pair of shoes (plus the ones I wear). The outfits options are unlimited. I love my Rimowa!

    Terri CobbApril 19th, 2022  3:07 PM

  • The Rimowa is a good size and I like the structure. Will know about the medium Saint Laurent bag tomorrow, the small was wee. I am also considering a belt bag worn crossbody, love the look. We are staying at the Villa Spalletti Trivelli, my husband’s pick so I’m sure it will be nice. I have not been to Rome since the last century so I cannot be helpful. However, I am going to rewatch Stanley Tucci’s Searching For Italy episode on Rome to see where he ate. I don’t overpack, we will only be there 5 days (a long time for me, actually), and it should be warm-ish.

    PrestonApril 19th, 2022  6:06 PM

  • I love my Rimowa cabin suitcase. I can easily ‘roll’ and take 2 weeks worth of clothing in it. I purchased The Row banana bag a few years ago and it has become the perfect hands free crossover bag for me!

    DebApril 20th, 2022  3:35 PM

  • I have several pieces of T Anthony canvas but it’s hard to keep clean. You can stuff it though if you’re a horrible packer like me or buy a lot of things when you travel.

    TracyApril 20th, 2022  3:46 PM

  • Just received the glossy RED Rimowa Check-in Trunk- the RED cabin is on back-order-
    I’m an Indiana University Alunmi so RED is my favorite color – No plans to check the trunk and will use for my constant trips within Indiana . I have a WHAT if bag – so traveling light when not flying is not something I care to do- convenience and comfort prevail —-:)

    Donna B. SpearsMay 21st, 2022  7:28 PM


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